JPS Interoperability Solutions—a new company established with the acquired assets of the former JPS Communications—plans to open its doors for business on Friday, according to JPS Interoperability Solutions President Don Scott, one of the three founders of JPS Communications.

“It’s a startup, but it’s a special kind of startup that’s got enormous experience, a huge base of installed products around the world and vision about where the next generation will be and what the next quantum leap will be,” Scott said during an interview with IWCE’s Urgent Communications. “Frankly, we were the creators of interoperability, and it’s only proper that we take it to the next level.”

JPS Communications began operations in 1988 as private business that became best known in the industry for its ACU family of interoperability-gateway solutions that enabled communications between private land-mobile-radio (LMR) systems and commercial networks, including cellular, wireline telephony and satellite communications.  In 2002, JPS Communications was acquired by Raytheon, which closed the JPS Communications business unit on Jan. 29.

Since then, Scott led a new group—one that includes Scott, employees, channel partners and outside investors—in negotiations for a deal to purchase key assets of JPS Communications, opening the door for this week’s launch of JPS Interoperability Solutions.

JPS Interoperability Solutions will be located in the same Raleigh, N.C., building that served as headquarters of JPS Communications, and most of the employee core is returning to the site under the new name, Scott said. JPS Interoperability Solutions will service former JPS Communications products and honor warranties, according to Roman Kaluta, director of interoperability solutions-customer advocate for JPS Interoperability Solutions.

“I think it’s important for everyone to know that we will be here for them [existing JPS customers], and we will provide them with the product, support and engineering services that they need,” Kaluta said during an interview with IWCE’s Urgent Communications.

“During this development time for JPS Interoperability Solutions, I’ve had the occasion to interact with many customers. There’s great enthusiasm out there—both in the customer world and among our established dealers and manufacturers reps—to get this show on the road.”

Although the company name will be different, key products and product names will be maintained, including the ACU portfolio of interoperability gateways and the SNV-12 receiver voters, Scott said.

“In the purchase of the assets, we got the rights to all of those names,” Scott said.