Suwanee, Ga.-based Kaltman Creations introduced at IWCE 2008 in Las Vegas this week the Spectran series of affordable RF spectrum analyzers manufactured by Germany-based Aaronia. For example, the model HF4040, which provides analysis over a frequency range from 10 MHz to 4 GHz, lists for about $1400. According to Ramon Esparolini, director of sales and marketing, similar devices currently on the market list for “$7000 or more.”

Another plus for customers, Esparolini said, is that the Spectran is sold as a complete package, including omindirectional and directional antennas. Typically with this type of equipment, people have to buy parts to make them work,” he said. “You’d be surprised—no analyzers come with antennas. You have to buy an antenna to make it work. It’s crazy.”

Another unique feature of the Spectran analyzers, according to Esparolini is the ability to long-term data recording. “So, you can do site surveys and all of the things you need to do before you can deploy equipment,” he said.

In addition, the company showcased its recently introduced products for 2.4 GHz networks, the AirSleuth Pro RF spectrum analyzer software package and the AirHorn 11-channel signal generator. The AirSleuth Pro lets users view Wi-Fi channels 1-11 individually or simultaneously and determines the channel with the least interference. The AirHorn can be set to generate signals for any number of the 11 Wi-Fi channels and can be used to assist in antenna placement, RF shield effectiveness and wireless network stress testing, according to the company.—Glenn Bischoff