Trident Micro Systems’ iOPT DSP-based interoperability switch provides cross-connection capabilities to multiple radio resources. The hardware chassis with plug-and-play interface cards connects to existing repeaters, base stations, radio control stations and more, according to the company.

It is available in two chassis models. Model 1630 is a 16-slot, rack-mount unit capable of supporting up to 30 independent resources. It may be connected to up to three additional 1630s, supporting connections for up to 126 independent resources. According to the company, multiple groups of four 1630s can be cascaded together to support more than 65,000 independent resources. The Model 612 is a 6-slot, portable or fixed solution capable of supporting up to 12 independent resources and is available with an optional 19-inch rack mount bezel. The company also released the version 4.2 software for its NTS digital trunking platform. The software offers optional features that include emergency declaration, channel backup and priority access. NTS 4.2-enabled systems also provide the ability to select operation in either transmission or message trunking modes per talk-group. It is available for download free of charge to NTS operators who are also subscribers to the company’s quality support program.