LAS VEGAS--HYT America this week is unveiling a number of new analog portable radios and its first repeater at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

HYT’s top-of-the-line radio being introduced is the TC-980, a 5-watt UHF portable radio that meets IP67 standards for protection against water and dust, said HYT America President and CEO Francisco Noyola. The unit sells for “about $600,” he said.

“It is submersible,” Noyola said during an interview with MRT. “You can put it one meter under the water for 10 minutes, and nothing will happen to the radio.”

Other radios include the TC-780, a 5-watt VHF radio that, like the TC-980, offers features such as lone worker, man down, scrambler and HDC1200, the company’s multiple-option boards for digital encryption, SmarTrunk and GPS.

Also launched is the TC-700 FM, an intrinsically safe and customizable radio developed specifically for use in potentially explosive environments, including oil and gas installations as well as the gas-laden atmospheres often encountered by first responders. The TC-610 is another 5-watt UHF and VHF radio that has an IP66 rating for water and dust protection. Finally, the TC-620 radio with an LED battery gauge offers advanced speaker protection technology. The radios start at $290.

HYT America also is releasing the TR-800 repeater that includes an AC/DC power supply with battery charging in addition to a thermal-controlled fan. Its CTCSS/CDCSS feature lets users talk on personal groups without disturbance or unwanted intrusion. Its repeater hang time tools ensure it continues to transmit after an active and valid signal is no longer received, which reduces delays due to the setup of a repeater link. The duration time can be programmed from 0 to 7 seconds. It operates in the 136 to 174 MHz, 350 to 400 MHz, 400 to 470 MHz and 450 to 512 MHz frequencies.

“Now customers can come to us, and we can supply a system,” Noyola said. “Before, we could only supply pieces.”

To date, HYT America has only offered analog radios in Latin America and North America, Noyola said. However, the company is scheduled to unveil its first digital radios for those markets during the first quarter of 2009, he said. Meanwhile, HYT America is considering “several options” regarding its P25 strategy, and a decision on that matter is expected to be made during the next 3-6 months, Noyola said.