LAS VEGAS--Public-safety communications giant Motorola this week is announcing DigitalPatroller DP-2, a new in-vehicle digital video recorder (DVR) at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Manufactured by Integrian—a company in which Motorola Ventures holds a minority stake—the DP-2 is a mobile DVR attached to video camera in a police car. When triggered, the DVR records video from the camera and audio from the portable microphone worn by the officer.

“The video quality is something that public safety feels is actionable and it works as evidence,” said Girish Rishi, Motorola’s general manager for data solutions operations.

Video is compressed in an MPEG-4 format and can be stored on the DVR hard drive or transmitted wirelessly to a central headquarters location, where it can be monitored or stored.

“When our police is out there protecting our communities, to have a live feed—a live video-recording mechanism—that records the engagement with the community, whether they’re pulling someone over or inspecting something, is becoming very important, in addition to the two-way [voice] communication that they already have,” Rishi said.

Rishi said the DP-2 includes “very stringent” specifications to operate in a wide range of temperature environments and shocks caused by the vehicle driving on uneven terrain.

The DP-2 is the successor to the MVE mobile video system, Motorola spokesman Steve Gorecki said.

Rishi said the DP-2 is available immediately, with some select customers beginning to deploy the product. Volume rollouts are expected to occur during the late spring or summer, he said.