(Suwanee, GA) JVCKENWOOD extends their comprehensive line-up of KENWOOD ProTalk branded radios with the introduction of the new TK-3230DX portable, updating the iconic TK-3230 with a new design and expanded features. The ergonomic design makes it more comfortable to hold and the UHF TK-3230DX adds 35 more pre-stored frequencies for a total of 99 and increases privacy (QT/DQT) codes to 207.  Users can now select a DQ or DQT tone for each channel at power-on, making the TK-3230DX more compatible with multiple team use. Increased ruggedizing makes the radio compliant with the military standard (MIL-STD) G as well as C, D, E and F.  A new rapid rate charger, the KSC-37S, that conforms to California Energy Commission (CEC) requirements, is being released at the same time as the TK-3230DX.

“The TK-3230DX, with its new user-friendly features and design, will appeal to an even broader range of customers who appreciate a compact and reliable radio for use in retail, education, facilities, hospitality and manufacturing,” said Randy Fletcher, National Sales Manager, Business Radio, JVCKENWOOD USA Corp.

The TK-3230DX is rated at 1.5W, has 6 pre-set channels, FleetSync® capability, busy channel lock-out, companding for enhanced audio, meets IP52 standards, has a 10-call alert and is lightweight, at only 5.5 oz.  Each TK-3230DX is ready to use, right out of the box, with antenna, high capacity lithium-ion battery, belt clip and charger, and has a two-year warranty.

JVCKENWOOD Corporation manufactures analog and digital two-way radios, including P25 compliant and NEXEDGE® radios that use the NXDN® protocol.  KENWOOD products provide complete turnkey system solutions for the utility, public safety, government, education, healthcare, and business and industrial markets. For detailed information, visit us at www.kenwood.com/usa or call JVCKENWOOD USA at 1-800-950-5005.