Officials from the city of Green Bay, Wis., recently said that speaker microphones from Pryme Radio Products deployed earlier this year have paid dividends, primarily because of their ruggedness. Green Bay — home of the legendary football Packers — is subject to profound weather extremes: sub-zero temperatures in the winter and hot and humid conditions in the summer. Green Bay's parking department was experiencing radio problems caused by these extremes and discovered that the previous speaker microphones were the culprit.

"This past summer was unusually hot and humid, and the winter had temperatures that had dropped to 10 or 15 below zero," Randall Frailing, communications and electronics technician/supervisor for the city, said in a statement. "So, there was a severe swing in temperatures, yet we've had no problems with the Pryme speaker microphones working within those temperature ranges."

Utility to deploy Tait DMR system

TheGrant County (Wash.) Public Utility District (PUD) has agreed to install an eight-site TaitNet 800 MHz, Tier 3 digital mobile radio network designed by Tait Communications that will replace two existing analog networks that have reached the end of their life. A major driver of this initiative was the capacity issues that the utility was experiencing with the legacy analog networks, said Warren Miller, telecommunications manager for the utility.

The deployment is in addition to a $9 million trunked Project 25 Phase 2 digital radio network that is being installed at Grant County's Multi-Agency Communications Center (MACC).