Click2Enter, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Harris County Sheriff’s Office has granted approval for use of the Click2Enter-I.V4 product on all gates within Harris County and the surrounding area which utilizes the Harris County P25 Public Safety Radio Network. Harris County, Texas is the 3rd most populated county in the United States with over 4 million residents.

In response to several property management and home owners associations as well as private-gate owners who have experienced issues with emergency gate access for first responders in life-threatening situations where public safety has not been able to respond swiftly, the need for a more dependable solution was obvious. The Click2Enter,Inc. system has the clear capability of shortening public-safety response times in almost all cases, helping to save lives by Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS.

Click2Enter, Inc. has worked with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office to test and confirm the successful operation of the Click2Enter-I.V4 system within all areas of the county and surrounding counties who operate on the Harris County P25 700/800 MHz Network. The Click2Enter system is currently in use by several local agencies, including the City of Pasadena, Spring Branch ISD, Fort Bend County Fire, Mabank, Temple, Shreveport, and the US Border Patrol. The Click2Enter-I.V4 is a multi-band receiver capable of operating with ALL of the frequency bands typically used by public-safety agencies.

Click2Enter, Inc, incorporated in 1999, manufactures and markets this radio-controlled gate-opening system created by a retired county sheriff who saw the need for an easy-to-operate, dependable solution for public safety to pass through security gates quickly without having to use codes or special keys, which sometimes are lost or expire.

Click2Enter-I.V4 is seen by many HOA’s and PMA’s as an enhanced feature to offer residents of their neighborhoods dependable and quick response to emergency 911 calls. Public Safety also enjoys the benefits of not having to use other control devices which have proven less dependable. No additional equipment is required by public safety to open gates other than their mobile or portable radios. In many areas, use of the Click2Enter system is mandated through building codes or other legislative methods to ensure that all constituents realize the benefits of this system.

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