Etherstack added new DMR and dPMR mobile and base station waveforms to its line of APCO 25, TETRA and military/SCA waveforms. These protocol stacks are platform independent and fully testable for reuse on future radio equipment. They are supplied with Etherstack's automated test environment (ELITE) for integration, interoperability and regression testing and interoperate with wide-area IP PMR core network.

FCC-approved in early 2009, Thales Communications' Liberty software-defined, multiband, land mobile radio enables interoperability across all public safety bands — 136-174, 380-520, 700 and 800 MHz — in a single portable radio. Modes include P25-conventional, P25-trunked, and legacy analog. The Liberty radio offers DES and AES encryption with OTAR, and its Mil-Spec metal housing is submersible to 2 meters.

Motorola offers the APX Project 25 (P25) multiband portable and mobile two-way radios that enable instant multi-agency interoperability for first responders. Motorola's fourth-generation P25 radios are multiband (700/800 MHz and VHF), communicate on ASTRO 25 systems and future networks (FDMA and TDMA), and have integrated GPS.

The Unity XG-100 from Harris RF Communications is the first in a family of radios designed to deliver interoperable communications among federal, state and local agencies communicating on analog or digital frequencies. Unity offers full-spectrum frequency coverage from 136 to 870 MHz, and operates in four public-safety frequency bands — VHF, UHF, 700 MHz and 800 MHz. Compliant in both conventional and trunking modes with Phase 1 of the Project 25 standard, the Unity XG-100 is easily upgradeable to support evolving P25 standards. Built-in advanced capabilities include noise suppression, GPS tracking and secure Bluetooth technology.

Cognitive and software-defined radios

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