Midian Electronics' CAD-MF is capable of decoding and displaying automatic number identification data simultaneously via Motorola's MDC-1200, Harris' G-Star, Kenwood's FleetSync, DTMF and 5-tone signaling formats. This is useful for fleets that use a mixture of two-way radios and tone signaling formats. The CAD-MF eliminates the need to have multiple decoders for each signaling format by enabling the dispatcher to have one display decoder for all formats.

Omnitronics' IPRdispatch combines SIP with other technologies that have been tailored specifically for land-mobile radio, including RTP/RTCP and the company's proprietary digital audio conferencing technology. Together, these enable VoIP connections to remote radios to be established and managed.IPRdispatch supports tone signalling (P25 protocol), UHF, VHF, marine band and air band radios. Communications paths are controlled by the console operator and each radio user can talk with the operator on demand. This solution supports multiple operator positions and channels.

The PlantCML Orion Aries computer-aided dispatch solution is an intuitive, map-centric dispatch application. Call-takers can track resources, view premise history, and access supplemental information such as unit recommendations, standard operating procedures and hazmat instructions. The system offers duplicate call detection, multiple incident display and browser-based reporting as standard features.

VPI's Capture Pro call and radio recording system features the company's Fact Finder CAD screen analytics tool, designed for optimized compliance and risk management, incident evidence reconstruction, incident response, quality assurance and training. The system simultaneously classifies calls by corresponding CAD data and events — case number, incident type, ID, and more — extracted directly from CAD operator screens.

Zetron offers many CAD-compatible products for integration at the workstation. For 911 call-taking, Zetron's CAD interface sends ALI information to CAD and also sends TDD messages. In addition, the company's radio dispatch consoles support external CAD control of channel selection and voice transmission. A CAD system also can control and monitor devices at fire stations using the company's fire station system.

Winsted's Sight-Line series features the Versa-Trak monitor array mounting system, which lets users easily modify sight lines and monitor viewing angles based on personal needs. All consoles come standard with the TruForm work surface and decorative end panels, both of which are available in a variety of colors and shapes. Custom work surfaces and end panels also are available in laminated MDF or solid surfaces. Sight-Line is designed with the Insta-Lock fastening system, which reduces the time necessary to construct and install the consoles.

Computer-aided dispatch systems

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