Welcome to IWCE and the new MRT.

You hold in your hands tangible evidence of the future direction and integrated format of MRT and IWCE.

We want to provide the latest and the best information in homeland security, public safety and the business of wireless communications in print, in person and online.

We need to go beyond the wireless world a bit to put things in perspective. There is a war looming. This is why we have a cover story about our keynote speaker, Richard Butler, the ambassador who led disarmament inspections in Iraq. Global threats are on our streets these days. Whether you are in the public safety sector or private industry, homeland security, the prospect of war, the history of the crisis and its resolution touches us all. The better educated we all are, the better we can serve our customers and the public at large. Butler has dedicated a career that spans four decades to worldwide disarmament of weapons of mass destruction.

The directory for the IWCE conference runs from page 49 to page 112. We think we have made it quite user friendly, but you will be the final judge. Please let us know what you think.

You should be able to make the cross connects between most of the articles we have chosen for this issue and the sessions and exhibits at IWCE. We cover secure shipping (page 20), CapWIN (page 24), extension of land-based spectrum rights to satellite system operators (page 120), mobile identity (page 12) and a second article in a series on transmission impairments (page 32). We also provide a bit of information about avoiding legal tangles from our friends at Shulman Rogers Gandal Pordy & Ecker (page 126).

Nikki Chandler, the former managing editor for this magazine who decided to become a freelance writer, debunks the myth about shuttle re-entry communications that we heard repeated over and over when the Columbia was lost (page 36).

Hopefully, we have enough evidence to even convince the French that we are making the changes we promised.