Each year, the International Wireless Communications Expo invites vendors to showcase their newest wares to public safety and enterprise users from around the globe. This month's IWCE 2008 in Las Vegas is no different — with a plethora of mobile-radio products being launched exclusively at the show.

One such product is the HH7700 from Datron World Communications. The HH7700 is a ruggedized VHF handheld transceiver. John Biljan, the company's national sales manager, said the transceiver operates in the 30 to 88 MHz band and is compact for a low-band radio that covers such an operating spread.

Biljan refers to the device as a squad radio. He said most military units are burdened because they have access to only one radio, which is usually in the hands of the squad leader. As a result, the company wanted to develop a radio that was cost-effective and lightweight enough to be carried by multiple soldiers in a squad. He said the radio was developed specifically for the National Guard as well as military forces that use the 30 to 88 MHz band in a tactical environment.

“Most radio applications when you have a squad or team of soldiers — usually one operator or one of those squad leaders has a radio and the balance of them do not,” Biljan said. “This thing is so affordable and comes in such a compact size that it is considered a soldier's radio, where every soldier in the squad has a radio.”

The radio offers sub-audible, continuous tone-coded squelch system (CTCSS) signaling and offers up to 2320 channels at 25 kHz channel widths or 4640 channels at 12.5 kHz channel widths, Biljan said. In the standard configuration, it provides up to 16 programmable memory channels and radio frequency power output levels that equal 500 milliwatts, 1 watt and 5 watts — all of which are user selectable and programmable.

However, it has not yet been certified to meet current military specifications. Biljan said the company currently is in the process of attaining certification. He said tests thus far show the transceiver to be water-resistant and capable of operating in harsh environments.

“It also has a very high humidity factor of 90%, so it's very good for jungle applications,” he said.

The transceiver has an optional embedded voice scrambler, which is compatible with Datron's existing VHF radios. Biljan said it is interoperable in FM clear-voice mode with the company's Squad Radio family, the Spectre-V series. It also is interoperable with several other single-channel 30 to 88 MHz VHF/FM radios that use the CTCSS squelch system.

Datron offers users two battery pack options. Biljan said the standard capacity battery supports up to 10 hours of use while the high-capacity battery provides up to 18 hours. The radios retail for less than $1000, which includes batteries, charger, cables and antenna.

Digital signal booster

The Node A digital signal booster from Andrew Corp. supports multiple band configurations — including land mobile radio, cellular and WiMAX, among others — in a single unit. The device offers an automatic gain control per time slot for upcoming narrowband P25 networks. It also provides up to 32 user-programmable channel filters and four variable-band filters, according to the company. The unit has a two- and four-slot box configuration and provides software-based variable bandwidth filtering from 6.25 kHz to 5 MHz.

Conventional and trunked radios

Kenwood offers the NEXEDGE product line. The line includes the NX-300/300 portables, the NX-700/800 mobiles and the NXR-700/800 base units that operate in 25 and 12 kHz analog mode as well as in 12.5 and 6.25 kHz digital mode, according to the company. (Read more about this product line in this month's Spotlight on page 90.)

Mobile wireless amplifier kit

Wilson Electronics' Mobile Wireless Amplifier Kit with Phone Cradle allows drivers to have hands-free cell phone service, according to the company. The kit includes the company's SignalBoost dual-band mobile amplifier, a 12-inch magnet-mount antenna and hands-free phone Cradle Plus device that has a built-in antenna, according to the company. It costs $249.

Power system enclosure, power sentry and power timer

Newmar Corp.'s Model EP-12-70 power system enclosure was developed for 12- and 24-volt radios and batteries installed in outdoor enclosures that are rated by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, or NEMA. It features a low-voltage battery disconnect, alarms and a circuit that adjusts the charge controller activation points based on battery temperature. The company's CPS-20 computer power sentry monitors vehicle voltage. It also sends alerts to mobile computer operators when system shutdown is imminent and automatically saves data. If the vehicle is unattended, shutdown sequence is automatically initiated, according to the company. The TMR-30 power timer prevents power drain from vehicle batteries due to radios and other equipment being left on.

Bidirectional amplifiers

Comprod Communications' VHF (132 to 174 MHz), UHF (406 to 512 MHz) and 700/800/900 MHz bidirectional amplifiers were designed for in-building solutions, according to the company. The amplifiers have a maximum gain of +72 dB, according to the company.

Switch-mode power supplies

Samlex America's SEC-1235 and SEC-1235M are 30- to 35-amp switch-mode power supplies. The models offer a radio-frequency noise current of less than 5 milliamps. The SEC-1235M comes standard with a voltmeter and an ammeter, an instrument used to measure the flow of electric current in a circuit. Both models include a three-year warranty and Underwriters Laboratories' safety certification for information technology equipment power supplies. They meet the FCC's Part 15(B) specifications regarding the limits on electromagnetic interference for Class B digital devices.

Pentaband, omnidirectional antennas

Larsen offers two new pentaband antenna products that combine four-band GSM and W-CDMA 2100 to receive and transmit signals in all cellular bands. Larsen pentaband antennas cover 806 to 960 MHz and 1710 to 2170 MHz frequencies. The OC806/2170TNC version of the pentaband antenna is an omni-directional ceiling mount antenna with a gain of 1.5 dBi to 2.5 dBi and a terminal node controller connector, or TNC. The SPDA17806/2170 is a swivel-mount dipole antenna with a TNC male connector and 0.5 dBi gain in both frequency bands, according to the company.

Interoperability radio suite

Trident Micro Systems offers the iOPT DSP-based interoperability switch that provides cross-connection capabilities to multiple radio resources. The hardware chassis with plug-and-play interface cards connects to existing repeaters, base stations, radio control stations and more, according to the company. It is available in two chassis models. Model 1630 is a 16-slot, rack-mount unit capable of supporting up to 30 independent resources. It may be connected to up to three additional 1630s, supporting connections for up to 126 independent resources. According to the company, multiple groups of four 1630s can be cascaded together to support more than 65,000 independent resources. The Model 612 is a 6-slot, portable or fixed solution capable of supporting up to 12 independent resources and is available with an optional 19-inch rack mount bezel. The company also released the version 4.2 software for its NTS digital trunking platform. The software offers optional features that include emergency declaration, channel backup and priority access. NTS 4.2-enabled systems also provide the ability to select operation in either transmission or message trunking modes per talk-group. It is available for download free of charge to NTS operators who are also subscribers to the company's quality support program.

8-channel LTR panel

The Model LT8R from Idylltek is an LTR controller that offers multiple channels in a single enclosure. It is available in two, four, six and eight channels and includes an 80-character LCD that displays all activity on all in-use repeaters simultaneously, according to the company.

Noise-reduction headset

Otto's Hurricane II headset was designed for extreme noise environments. It has a noise-reduction rating of 29 dB and a noise-canceling boom microphone. It meets MIL-810 specs for harsh environments, weighs 5 ounces and costs $200.

Portable radios

HYT America is unveiling several new products. The TC-980 and TC-780 are 5-watt UHF and VHF portable radios. The TC-980 meets IP67 standards for protection against water and dust, and both models offer security features including lone worker, man down, scrambler and HDC1200, the company's multiple-option boards for digital encryption, SmarTrunk and GPS.

Also launched is the TC-700 FM, an intrinsically safe and customizable radio developed specifically for use in potentially explosive environments, including oil and gas installations as well as the gas-laden atmospheres often encountered by first responders. The TC-610 is another 5-watt UHF and VHF radio that has an IP66 rating for water and dust protection. Finally, the TC-620 radio with an LED battery gauge offers advanced speaker protection technology. The radios start at $290.

The company also is releasing the TR-800 repeater that includes an AC/DC power supply with battery charging in addition to a thermal-controlled fan. Its CTCSS/CDCSS feature lets users talk on personal groups without disturbance or unwanted intrusion. Its repeater hang time tools ensure it continues to transmit after an active and valid signal is no longer received, which reduces delays due to the setup of a repeater link. The duration time can be programmed from 0 to 7 seconds. It operates in the 136 to 174 MHz, 350 to 400 MHz, 400 to 470 MHz and 450 to 512 MHz frequencies.

Exhibitor List
3eTI / Transcrypt International 1538
9-1-1 Magazine 330
AC/DC Industries Inc. 1327
ACData Solutions 658
ACE Technology Inc. 1237
Advanced Charger Technology 529
Advanced Labeling Solutions 744
AdvanceTec Industries Inc 1338
AEA Technology Inc. 544
Aeroflex 1022
AFL 536
AGL Magazine 1647
Airwaves Licensing Assistance Inc 1549
Alcatel-Lucent 1739
Allied Moulded Products Inc. 1931
Alltec Corp. 1838
America Digital Accessories 651
Amphenol Connex 338
Andrew Corp. 1273
Anritsu Co. 618
Antcom Corp. 1839
APCO International 532
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation & Modular RF 1449
Arcadian Networks 860
ARINC 1828
Arraid Inc. 1268
Astra Radio Communications 1845
Astron Corp. 628
AT&T 1328
Avtec Inc. 1048
Axtech Batteries 648
BAE Systems 1850
Bard Manufacturing Co. Inc. 1644
Barrett Communications 551
Bartley Manufacturing 981
BEE Electronics Inc 731
Berkeley Varitronics Systems 211
Bird Technologies Group 812
BlueSky Mast Inc. 327
Bluewave Antenna Systems Ltd. 1254
BluFiUSA 1562
Bomar Interconnect Products Inc. 1074
Boston Amplifier Inc. 852
Bridgecom Systems Inc. 647
C4i 1281
Cadex Electronics Inc 1335
Call24 Wireless Call Box Systems 206
Cara Enterprises Inc. 1841
Carlson Wireless Technologies 1656
Carmanah Technologies Corp. 1351
Catalyst Communications Technologies Inc 1831
Cellular Specialties 749
CelPlan Technologies 1279
CES Wireless Technologies 1807
China Council for the Promotion of Int'l Trade 227
Cimarron Technologies Corp. 318
Cisco Systems Inc. 1076
Citel Inc 751
Cobalt Audio Video 219
Codan US Inc. 1451
ComGroup Australia Pty Ltd. 337
Commtech 752
Communications Applied Technology 745
Communications Marketing Association 1646
ComProd Communications 1800
Comtelco Industries Inc 1235
Comtran Associates Inc. 541
Connect Systems Inc 1531
Connectronics 876
Con-Space Communications Inc 1551
Cook's Communications Corp./FleetStat AVL 1337
CPI Communications Inc 312
Crescend Technologies 200
CTA Communications 1730
Ctek Inc. 452
CTI Products Inc 454
CVDS Inc./ComLog 1367
Cygnus Law Enforcement Group 449
Dalman Technical Services Ltd. 336
Daniels Electronics Ltd 1425
Data911 1366
Dataradio Corp. 973
Datron World Communications Inc. 1438
David Clark Co. Inc 1218
David Levy Co. Inc 1431
dbSpectra 1825
Dekolink Americas 1661
Digital Antenna Inc. 434
Digital Paging Co 215
Dupont Building Inc. 1547
DuraComm Corp. 1226
DX Radio Systems Inc 825
Dynamic Instruments Inc 1645
E/M Wave Inc. 232
EADS Secure Networks Inc. 854
Ear Phone Connection 1654
EB Inc. 1655
EFJohnson 1057
EHS Inc. 440
Electronic Systems Tech Inc/Esteem Wireless 847
Emerging Power Inc. 1907
EMR Corp. 1037
Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA) 448
Enviro-Buildings Inc. 851
EPCOM 1040
ERF Wireless Inc. 447
Etherstack Limited 1754
Etherwan Systems 1280
Eventide Inc 631
Exacom Inc 1325
Exalt Communications 220
Exocomm Technology Group/ExoCel Batteries 334
Fatpot Technologies Inc. 1835
FCCA 650
Federal Communications Commission 548
Federal Signal Corp. 1071
FEI-Zyfer 350
Fiber-Span 1249
Fibrebond 1244
Flash Technology 1262
Forest Industries Telecommunications 555
Fred A. Nudd Corp. 432
FreeLinc 225
FreeWave Technologies 450
Futurecom Systems Group Inc 1804
FWT Inc. 1750
Gai-Tronics 1344
Gamber-Johnson 1318
GC Protronics 446
GE MDS 1054
General Dynamics 1634
Genesis Group,The 1532
Global Mesh Technologies 1376
Goodtel Co. Ltd. 228
GPS Source Inc. 234
G-Wave 331
HAL Communications Corp. 554
Harger Lightning & Grounding 531
Harris Corp. 208
Harris Stratex Networks 747
Havis Shields Equipment Corp. 325
Higgs Law Group LLC 431
HigherGround 1261
Hint Peripherals Corp. 1844
Honeywell Batteries 1444
Huada International Electronics & Technology Co. 657
Hutton-Electro-Comm 803
Hutton Communications Inc. 800
HYT America 1066
Icom America Inc. 1407
Idylltek Inc. 1846
IMPACT Radio Accessories 1534
IMSA 332
Infinity Gear & Technology 1642
Innovative Circuit Technology (ICT) 1819
Interop-Solutions LLC 1748
IP MobileNet Inc 1441
IPC Command Systems 830
JDI Jing Deng Industrial Co. Ltd. 346
JFW Industries Inc 759
Jotto Desk 1625
Joyce Teletronics Corp. 1842
Kaltman Creations LLC. 1448
Keller and Heckman LLP 547
Kenwood USA Corp. 400
Kirisun Electronics (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. 1456
Klein Electronics 203
KR Nida Communications 1951
Kyocera Solar Inc. 646
Laird Technologies 815
Lands Precision Inc. 1651
Larsen Antennas 615
Leavitt Communications LLC. 1741
Lifeline Management Systems 1266
Lind Electronics Inc. 1349
Link Communications Inc. 948
Lockheed Martin 1744
Locus Location Systems 556
Mann Wireless Ltd. 1250
MARS Antennas & RF Systems Ltd. 1277
Maxon CIC 425
MCM Technology LLC 1731
MemoryLink Corp. 1283
Mentor Engineering 538
Merry Electronics USA Co. Ltd. 1434
Mesh City 1658
METEORCOMM Wireless Communications 960
Microvoice Corp. 344
Midian Electronics Inc 1134
Midland Radio Corp. 1007
Miller Building Systems 746
Mindbank Technical Solutions 1352
Mobilcomm 339
Mobile Business Communications 1854
Mobile Knowledge Corp. 769
Mobile Mark 1454
Mobile Radio Technology 655
Mobile Satellite Ventures 1954
Moducom 861
Motorola Inc 1400
MotoSAT 1640
Multiplier Industries Corp. 415
Mutualink Inc. 1469
NABC, North American Battery Corp. 437
NARDA Div of L-3 Communications 310
National Emergency Number Association 1745
National Public Safety Telecommunications Council 358
Navman Wireless North America 347
Network Innovations 1362
Networkcar Inc. 545
New Communications Solutions LLC 961
New Wave Licensing Services Inc. 649
Newmar 950
New-Tronics Antenna Corp./Hustler Inc 1225
NIC Technologies LLC 435
Office for Interoperability & Compatibility (DHS) 983
Oldcastle Communications 659
Opt-In Wireless 1908
Optoelectronics Inc. 352
Ormandy Software 1242
OSI Batteries 354
OTTO 637
Partron Co. Limited 768
PCIA: The Wireless Infrastructure Association 774
PCTEL Broadband Technology Group 625
Peiker Acustic Inc. 977
Peltor 534
Penta Corp. 444
PEPRO/Pioneer Energy Products LLC 1459
Persistent Systems Inc. 766
Phoenix Contact 1174
Planar Systems Inc. 1756
PolyPhaser Corp. 1220
Positron Public Safety Systems Inc. 830
Power Products 319
Power Up 212
Powerwave Technologies Inc. 1815
Primus Electronics Corp. 1239
Project 25 Technology Interest Group 661
Prostar Batteries Inc. 1356
Pryme Radio Products 644
Public Safety IT/Law and Order 1857
Pyramid Communications 419
QSI Corp. 1742
Radio Club of America Inc 1648
Radio IP Software Inc. 1154
Radio Mobile 613
RadioResource Media Group 306
RadioSoft 1052
RAM Mounting Systems 1247
Raveon Technologies Corp. 1271
Raycap Inc. 1849
Raytheon JPS Communications Inc. 1811
RCC Consultants Inc. 1652
RELM Wireless Corp. 1015
RF Industries/Connectors Division 713
RF Industries/Neulink Division 613
Ritron Inc 1025
Rohn Products, Div. of Radian Communications 1738
Rosenberger Leoni Site Solutions 758
Roxtec Inc 341
Sabre Towers and Poles 1245
SafeMobile 1360
Salesgenie.com 445
SAMLEX America Inc 1044
SCA 1251
Schwaninger & Associates P.C. 308
Scott Communications 455
Sentor Monitoring Services & Systems 1260
Shelter One 1436
Shenzhen Kingsignal Cable Tech. Co. Ltd. 456
Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, P.A. 550
Signal Intelligence 418
Simulcast Solutions LLC 1909
Sinclair Technologies 842
SmarTrunk Systems Inc 1082
SoftWright 309
Solectek Corp. 1746
Sonik Messaging Systems 1548
Southwest PV Systems Inc 1536
Space Data Corp. (SDC) 1755
Spectracom Corp. 1256
Spectrum Firm Inc. 1837
Sprint Nextel 971, 1285
Stancil Corp. 1447
STI-CO Industries Inc 1429
Stone Mountain Ltd. 351
Strix Systems 666
Summitek Instruments 348
Survey Technologies Inc. 1435
Suzhou Wutong Communication Equipment Co. Ltd. 767
Swissphone Telecom AG 1649
Systems Implementation Inc. 1350
SyTech Corp. 1630
Tait Radio Communications 1230
Talley Communications Corp. 835
TCC Industries Inc 1809
Team Simoco Ltd. 458
Tech Mer (Mer-Group) 1368
TEKK Inc. 413
TekMax Telecom, Korea 1751
Tektronix 979
Televate 329
Telewave Inc 1034
Telex 1027
TESSCO Technologies 807
Thales Communications Inc 640
Thermo Bond Buildings Inc. 1834
Times Microwave Systems 518
Tom Tom 980
TowerWorx 1466
TPL Communications 1215
Track Star International Inc. 229
TracStar Systems Inc. 1934
Trak Microwave 210
Tram-Browning 866
Trident Micro Systems 818
Trileaf Corp. 1749
Trilogy Communications 634
Trio Datacom Inc. 1529
Tropos Networks 1847
Troy Products (Div. of Troy Sheet Metal) 429
Trylon TSF 1628
Twisted Pair Solutions Inc. 1741
TWR Lighting Inc. 947
Tyco Electronics M/A COM 1415
UNIMO Technology Co Ltd 1638
USAlert LLC 1550
Utilities Telecom Council 546
Valesco Battery Systems Inc. 1272
Valmont Structures 850
ValuePoint Networks 874
Vertex Standard 1000
VFP Inc 1152
Volt Telecom Group Inc. 1278
W&W Manufacturing Co 844
Washington Radio Reports Inc. 1462
Wave-Tech Inc. 1840
Whelen Engineering Co 1347
Wilson Electronics Inc. 654
Winncom Technologies 340
WiPath Communications 652
Wireless Accessories Unlimited (WAU) 750
Zetron Inc. 1012

IWCE 2008 Basics

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center

Technology workshops: Mon., Feb. 25 and Tues., Feb. 26, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Conference sessions: Wed., Feb. 27, 11 a.m.-5:45 p.m.; Thurs., Feb. 28, 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; Fri., Feb. 29, 10 a.m.-12:10 p.m.

Exhibits: Wed., Feb. 27, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Thurs., Feb. 28, 10 a.m-5 p.m.; Fri., Feb. 29, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Conference tracks: Mobile Voice; Mobile Data; Interoperability; Spectrum Utilization; Emerging Technologies; Business

Opening remarks: Derek Poarch, chief, FCC Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, Wed., Feb. 27, 8:30-8:45 a.m.

Keynote: Harlin McEwen, chairman, Public Safety Spectrum Trust, and Morgan O'Brien, chairman, Cyren Call Communications, Wed., Feb. 27, 8:30-10 a.m.

General sessions: “Wireless Surveillance: The Value of Security,” Thurs., Feb. 28, 8:30-10 a.m.; “Systems Integrator Roundtable: Working with the Public Safety Communications Sector,” Thurs., Feb. 28, 1:30-2:30 p.m.; “Point/Counterpoint: Public Safety's Wish List and Technology's Reality,” Fri., Feb. 29, 8:30-10 a.m

More info: www.iwceexpo.com