Cimarron Technologies

Cimarron Technologies will announce the availability of a simultaneous multiple format decode option in their C Plus ANI decoders. With this option, the C Plus decoders can decode and display MDC-1200, GE-STAR and FleetSync formats.

They also will automatically acknowledge emergencies in the appropriate format. This allows for the mixing of different format radios within a fleet.

Other options for the C Plus are a 4000 ID database for its 27-character alpha-numeric display, Tone Remote, a 19-inch rack mount kit and encode in FleetSync, MDC-1200 or GE-STAR.

The C Plus comes in four different models to best suit your needs and budget.


CITEL Inc. plans the announcement of the expansion of the SurgeGuard family of AC power line surge protectors.

The new “enhanced” offerings include products with surge capabilities up to 400kA (8/20us) and 60kA (10/350us).

The SurgeGuard offers protection against both conducted and induced transient overvoltages that might be caused by direct lightning strikes, utility switching or other random disturbances.


EFJ Inc. will announce that its EFJohnson subsidiary's multi-protocol 5100 series portable radios are now approved by Factory Mutual as Intrinsically Safe for Class I, II & III, Division 1, Groups C, D, E, F and G; and as Non-Incendive for Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D, when used with the EFJohnson intrinsically safe battery.

These new intrinsically safe radios are available in VHF, UHF, and 800 MHz frequency bands, and have the same interoperable features as the standard 5100 series — forward and backward multiple protocol compatibility, allowing communications on Project 25 trunking and conventional radio systems, SMARTNET/SmartZone trunked radio systems, Multi-Net trunking systems, and conventional analog radio communications systems.


IFR has announced 13 GHz spectrum analyzer for less than $20,000. The 13 GHz spectrum analyzer that breaks new ground in the mid-range spectrum analyzer market by offering the highest performance at the lowest price.

Key applications for the 2394 spectrum analyzer are mobile handset production test, handset repair verification and base station transmitter testing.


Kantronics has announced the Talon UDC RF modem platform that delivers data wirelessly through sophisticated integration of a UHF/VHF transceiver, GPS, and packet modem.

The Talon UDC platform is versatile and can be integrated with any data system. The result is a communications device that can broadcast vehicle location, act as a GPS receiver and operate as a full-featured packet modem. The Talon UDC also meets FCC 90.203(j)(3) spectrum efficiency standard.

Talon UDC Applications include RF-to- IP packet communication, asset tracking, telemetry, SCADA and multi-unit tracking.


The P7100IP is M/A-COM's latest generation, software-defined digital radio capable of operating in multiple applications - Project 25 digital and conventional analog modes, EDACS® and ProVoice trunked. The portable meets P25 Class-A compliance and is available in both a VHF and UHF version. Each version provides digital voice and IP data to meet the critical communications demands of public safety professionals. Other features include support for DES Encryption and future support for the new Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Sturdy, immersible and lightweight, the P7100IP is ready for any mission-critical situation.


Micronet Ltd. has announced the commercial availability of Net-960, the industry's first in-vehicle data messaging platform, combined with built-in GPRS and/or GPS modules.

The Net-960's vehicle-specific user interface features a unique control knob for one-touch operation of the terminal, and support of both data and voice communication, for comprehensive dispatch, messaging, and status reporting applications.

The Net-960 can be adapted to specific requirements, including the interface to Telematics devices and the use of various wireless communication and GPS modules.

OTTO Communications

OTTO Communications announces the new Genesis Speaker Microphone. The Genesis speaker microphone with dual grill is the most rugged unit in OTTO's speaker microphone portfolio.

Its design and construction meets MIL-STD-810E, is fully sealed per IP68 standard and is engineered to withstand prolonged exposure to water and temperature extremes.

The removable front grill with replaceable debris screen and washable speaker cavity area allows users to easily wash away dust, dirt and other debris.

Radio Frequency Systems

Radio Frequency Systems has pre-announced a significant evolution of its popular Cellflex foam dielectric feeder cable range — the launch of the new high-performance Cellflex ‘A’ series feeder cable.

Due for global launch July 1, CELLFLEX ‘A’ series feeder cable will be previewed to visitors at the RFS booth during the IWCE2003 show in Las Vegas, March 12-14. Boasting an improvement in attenuation performance of up to six percent, the CELLFLEX ‘A’ series has been specifically developed to meet the exacting performance needs of high performance transmission line systems, while retaining ease of handling and backward compatibility in cable connector systems.

As a first release of this important range, the CELLFLEX ‘A’ series RAPID FIT cable connector family will be globally launched in March 2003. Completely backward compatible with the existing CELLFLEX feeder cable family, the single-piece RAPID FIT cable connector is identical in installation, handling and tooling to the existing RFS RAPID FIT connector range. Quick and easy to install, the CELLFLEX ‘A’ series RAPID FIT connector offers improved return loss (up to 6 dB improvement at 2.2 GHz) and consistently low and stable intermodulation (IM) levels. The new connector series is available for all CELLFLEX cable sizes ranging from 7/8 inch through to 2-1/4 inch, and in both type N and 7-16 DIN interface.

The entire CELLFLEX ‘A’ series will be launched in July 2003, and will be available in all popular feeder cable sizes (7/8, 1-1/4, 1-5/8 and 2-1/4 inch cable diameter), plus a choice of standard UV-resistant polyethylene or flame and fire retardant jackets. For more demanding applications, premium VSWR performance CELLFLEX ‘A’ series is available, offering the lowest possible voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) over a customer-specified operating bandwidth.

The new CELLFLEX ‘A’ series high-performance feeder cable and RAPID FIT connectors will be previewed at RFS booth 5021 at IWCE in Las Vegas.


With the addition of many new communication devices in law enforcement vehicles, space for additional antennas has become scarce.

STI-CO has developed the first in a series of new antenna systems for non-covert police cars, emergency vehicles, tow trucks, taxis, and airport shuttles — any vehicles using a light bar.

With this new Light Bar Antenna System up to four STI-CO VHF, UHF and cellular antennas may be mounted on a standard metal or plastic top light bar for optimal performance without drilling additional holes in the car.


ComStar has improved technology again in the Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) world. The newest 2000 series receivers have addressed previous challenges dealers had experienced.

For less than $3,000, dealers can now get into the new and growing AVL market by owning and operating a single channel single site system with capacity of up to 400 vehicles. ComStar is unique in that they offer dealers a true turnkey and proven system. Receivers are put at an existing UHF site and connected to the Internet.