Magazine editors in many ways are like chefs. Both attempt to bring together disparate ingredients to create a result that is satisfying on multiple levels. It's not easy: Not only must the essential ingredients be selected, they must be used in proper quantities to achieve the desired results. They also must be seasoned in such manner as to get the most from them.

Editors and chefs also are never satisfied. Chefs constantly tinker with their recipes, while editors continually contemplate new approaches and features to add to their publications. Many more are rejected than are chosen.

With that in mind, we introduce in this edition of MRT a new feature we believe improves our recipe. Each month, View from the Top will provide the insights and vision of the industry's leaders. While it is important for a business-to-business magazine to have its own independent voice, I believe it's equally important to provide a forum through which the voices of those a publication serves also can be heard. In the inaugural missive on page 13, RELM Wireless CEO Dave Storey reminds us of just how vital the land mobile radio industry is to those who use its products and services, a message that often is lost in the waging of day-to-day competitive battles.

While the editorial lineup has changed with the addition of View from the Top, MRT's commitment to bringing you in-depth coverage and analysis of the industry's most important stories hasn't. Case in point: In this edition's cover story (which begins on page 56), senior writer Donny Jackson explains in depth why the FCC's 800 MHz order constitutes a significant step towards a resolution of the interference problems that plague the band, but is far from the final step. To steal a line from baseball great Yogi Berra, the 800 MHz saga won't be over 'til it's over.

Getting back to View from the Top, you will see more of Dave Storey's thoughts in the future, but his is only one voice. We encourage other industry leaders to share their thoughts and insights with MRT's readers via View from the Top. Those who are interested can drop me a note at the address below.

In the meantime, bon appetit.