IPC unveiled the IQ/CAD, a map-driven dispatch system that promises a simplified user interface.

Angela Landess, IPC's product manager, said the solution's map-driven dispatch technology reduces the number of screens and, instead, lets users manage resources using a single, map-based graphical user interface. The product provides “information on demand,” she said — additional screens appear as users add information about different events and as other data becomes available, such as premise information about the area, units' recommendations or unit availability. When the information is not needed, the screens collapse.

“You don't have 82 screens up on your monitor at any given time,” Landess said. “The information comes up as you need it as you're taking a call, dispatching a call or managing resources.”

There are more than 600 configuration options within the product's embedded resource recommendations, which tell users what type of agencies and location-based resources are needed to respond to an event — including multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional needs. Other features include multiple map displays to monitor resources, events forms and enhanced resource recommendations. Although it does not offer an E911 component, it does interface with third-party E911 systems, Landess said.

The IQ/CAD operates in a client-server environment, so cost depends on the number of workstations to be deployed in each communications center and whether users purchase value-added interfaces, such as database access to the FBI, the local department of motor vehicles, building alarms and more. However, starting price is $100,000.


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