Motorola announced the general availability of its four-radio MotoMesh wireless broadband system and a deployment in Riviera Beach, Fla., focused on video surveillance with the purpose of helping the city's police department fight crime.

Riviera Beach is using the 4.9 GHz network dedicated to public safety to transmit video from cameras placed in “hot spots” in a 3-square-mile area to observe activity in locations where criminal conduct has occurred historically, Riviera Beach Police Chief Clarence Williams said. In addition to providing evidence after a crime, the video surveillance can be used to alert police officers of a potential situation, so they can proactively defuse it before an incident occurs, he said.

Other entities have used Motorola's mesh-network technology to transmit video, but Riviera Beach is the first to target surveillance with the primary purpose of deterring criminal activity, said Joe Hamilla, director of engineering for Motorola's mesh-network product group.