PCTEL announced that it has moved its antenna products group — formerly known as Maxrad — to a new 75,000-square-foot facility in the Chicago suburb of Bloomingdale, Ill. Manufacturing of antennas under the Maxrad, Antenna Specialists and MicroPulse brands began June 1.

The move was made necessary by the growth of the Maxrad brand, the acquisitions of the Antenna Specialist and MicroPulse brands and the decision to relocate manufacturing from two facilities in Mexico to the U.S., said Steve Deppe, president of PCTEL Antenna Products Group, in a statement.

“Our new facility not only accommodates current capacity but also affords room for expansion, as our strategic growth plan is implemented,” Deppe said.

The growth plan centers primarily on new acquisitions, said spokeswoman Ana Bakas. “PCTEL has a mandate for each division to do acquisitions, so it has been made public that we will make more acquisitions in the future. We don't have any details yet, but that's to be expected,” she said.

Bakas said PCTEL is targeting other antenna manufacturers and related wireless companies.