Comprod Communications Ltd. has released their new Low VSWR Disguise Antenna series. Their OEM direct replacement AM/FM Disguise Antennas are perfect for all covert or undercover applications, replaces standard roof mounted or trunk mounted antenna. VHF, UHF and 700/800/900 MHz applications are great for domestic or import vehicles.
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Eventide invented the digital voice recorder in 1989. Known for its innovation and reliability, thousands of customers worldwide depend on Eventide voice recorders for air traffic control and emergency call centers.
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The Daniels Electronics Universal Interface Card (UIC) now complies with the P25 Fixed Station Interface (FSI) standard for direct digital IP connection between a Daniels P25 radio and a console or IP switch.
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Rugged, reliable, submersible, solid. The new 5100 ES Series radios meet the needs of first responders and are specifically designed for public safety. Featuring crisp and powerful digital audio, Project 25 trunked and conventional operation, SMARTNET®/SmartZone® interoperability, and a sleek ergonomic design, the 5100 ES Series is the right choice.
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General Dynamics offers a P25 communications system analyzer capable of both Error Vector Magnitude and Channel Logging for under $20,000!
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Introducing the only set of UHF programmable 2-Way radio headsets — PowerComPLUS II — from Peltor! This exclusive all-in-one headset comes compatible with existing UHF radio systems, is custom programmable and wide band available from 430-470 MHz with PL/DPL. Peltor® is an Aearo Technologies® company.
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Proxim's ORINOCO AP 4000M is a feature-rich, tri-mode Wi-Fi(R) mesh access point delivering secure, scalable and reliable data, voice and video. Its dual radio architecture separates mesh backbone from access traffic offering increased capacity.


SkyExtender TriBand

SkyPilot's SkyExtender TriBand provides a mobile broadband wireless solution for public safety by combining a high capacity 5 GHz mesh backhaul with 4.9 and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi access and Ethernet for video surveillance cameras.


Pyramid Communications model 3012 MDT is available with 16 channel internal GPS receiver, 240 character text messaging, driver time card, student id card swipe, 10 programmable status keys, 1024 GPS position memory and digital odometer.
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The NL5000 is a price/performance leader in licensed conventional telemetry radios modems in both the VHF and UHF frequency range. They provide increased throughput, and longer range for multiple address systems. Transparent and direct asynchronous communication offers real-time communication.
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The SpotCell 167 is a fully programmable, intelligent repeater from Spotwave to enhance in-building coverage for private trunked networks in the 800 MHz SMR band. It provides a cost effective, turn-key solution for organizations and integrators looking to improve wireless coverage.
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STI-CO's Interoperable Antenna System compliments interconnect transmission systems during critical incidences. This rugged antenna covers from 150 to 1550MHz, saves space, simplifies set-up, and installs in just minutes! The coupler included is available in tri-band or quad-band versions.
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