Wireless backhaul solution

Trango Broadband Wireless introduced the TrangoLINK Apex, part of its point-to-point microwave backhaul product line. The device transmits data at speeds up to 800 Mb/s and can be linked to a second unit to provide speeds up to 1.6 Gb/s. It is a single all-outdoor unit that provides two data ports, including an optical/fiber interface and a gigabit Ethernet interface, according to the company.

WiMAX antenna

Laird Technologies unveiled a 90°, dual-slant-45 WiMAX base station antenna. The antenna was designed for maximal ratio combining (MRC) and multiple-input/multiple-output applications and operates across the 2.3-2.7 GHz frequency band. It offers a 16-dBi gain to extend the coverage area, as well as ruggedized, tilt-mount hardware, the company said.

Upgraded field reporting software

Mobile BIS introduced a new function to its Mobile Unit Field Reporting System for law enforcement officers. The system now automates the filing of criminal charges, traffic citations and other violations, and it produces printed citations in real-time. The software is installed on a handheld device, smartphone or a mobile computer where data can be entered about a criminal action and wirelessly transmitted to a central server and records management system. Once the server verifies the data, the citation is printed at the scene via a wireless Bluetooth printer, according to the company.

Antenna, cable-monitoring device

Bird Technologies Group added the ACM500 to its antenna and cable monitoring product line. The 500-watt device monitors antenna and cable faults within communication systems that go undetected by transmitter-internal, voltage standing wave ratio monitors, according to the company.