WiMAX repeater

Dekolink Wireless unveiled its in-building solution for the WiMAX market, the Deko2425-M WiMAX MIMO-based repeater. The repeater can be implemented in Mobile WiMAX networks in the 2.5 to 2.7 GHz bands. It provides 24 dBm composite output power per antenna port and supports 5 MHz and 10 MHz WiMAX channels, according to the company.

TETRA software

Radio IP Software announced its MTGTM software now improves data transfer rates over TETRA networks by a factor of 154. The software lets users introduce data applications such as computer-aided dispatch and records-management systems without experiencing data backlog or crashing networks, according to the company.

Radio module for Wi-Fi networks

Hudson, Ohio-based Quatech unveiled an 802.11a/b/g radio module built for Wi-Fi networking. According to the company, the radio lets users integrate Wi-Fi technology for M2M, medical and telematics applications.

RFID reader module

San Jose, Calif.-based WJ Communications unveiled the WJM1000, a UHF RFID reader module. The module offers software configurable options to set the RF output power from 10 dB to 24 dB. According to the company, it lets users integrate RFID UHF Gen2 capabilities within medium- or short-range applications, such as printers and hand-held devices.

Simplex repeater

Connect Systems announced the FLEX-D Model 19 simplex repeater, which has up to 120 seconds of voice storage and two-tone validation. The controller stores tones and voice communications and rebroadcasts both on receipt of a valid two-tone from an optional external decoder.

Solar-powered surveillance cameras

Hark Tower Systems introduced the VCR100, VCR80 and FFV90 wireless surveillance cameras. The cameras provide real-time video feeds and use motion, thermal and/or night vision sensors to activate alarm points, according to the company. In addition, the cameras can be powered by solar technologies available from an outside provider.

Laptop analyzer for 802.11n networks

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based AirMagnet announced that its version 7.5 laptop analyzer now decodes and analyzes 802.11n Wi-Fi networks. According to the company, the device provides visibility into all wireless channels to identify interference issues, and identifies and classifies all 802.11n-capable devices in the network, in the process differentiating between standards-compliant and pre-standard devices.

Rugged laptop

Panasonic introduced the Toughbook 52, the newest addition to its line of ruggedized laptops. It is constructed of magnesium alloy, includes a shock-mounted screen, has a battery life ranging from 4 to 6 hours and is certified to the MIL-STD-810F standard. It will be available this month and costs $1699.

RoIP-based console solution

Siemens Communications and Catalyst Communications Technologies will integrate Catalyst's radio-over-IP technology into Siemens' HiPath Dispatch command-and-control communications center. The solution will provide a single console and user interface that can link to a broad range of radio equipment using standard radio interfaces, according to the companies.


IDENTEC Solutions has developed the GPS tag, a satellite-assisted RFID tag that can isolate the specific location and movement of an asset. The tag is self-tracking and offers a read range in excess of 500 meters, the company said.

Emergency warning system

San Francisco-based Global Mobile Technologies unveiled its Push-It mobile emergency warning system. The system provides simultaneous, real-time delivery of content to data-enabled mobile devices, and can be programmed by a selected geographic location or pre-specified recipient list, according to the company.