Secure Wi-Fi switch for enterprises

Alcatel's OmniAccess wireless LAN switches provide broad, highly secure Wi-Fi coverage for enterprises, campuses and other heavy-use areas. The switches are available in stackable and chassis-based versions. The switches support 10/100/1000 Ethernet speeds and offer centralized encryption for 802.11i and user-aware stateful firewalls, according to the company. In addition, the switches assign security and access rights on a per-user basis; a “follow-me” application tracks the user regardless of where in the network the user connects, maintaining the user's security and access rights.

Radio SOC offers helmet display

SportVue's MC1, which the company is billing as the first motorcycle Heads Up Display, is now using Cypress Semiconductor's WirelessUSB radio system-on-a-chip to achieve wireless connectivity. The MC1 is mounted on a motorcycle helmet and provides riders with instantaneous updates on the cycle's speed, RPM and gearing. The data is displayed in “Top Gun”-like fashion on the inside of the helmet's visor. Cypress's WirelessUSB solution lets the MC1 transmit data from the cycle to the helmet without encountering interference from the simultaneous use of mobile phones or two-way radios.

ZigBee system-on-a-chip

Ember Corp.'s EM250, which the company is billing as the world's first ZigBee system-on-a-chip, is an 802.15.4-based semiconductor system that integrates a programmable microprocessor, RF radio, network protocol stack and memory into a single-chip solution. The 2.4 GHz EM250 is “smaller than a shirt button,” which leads to reduced component size, cost and power consumption for OEMs and system integrators, the company said.

Wireless VoIP mobile mesh devices

Sensoria has collaborated with TeleSym to develop a voice-over-Wi-Fi solution for peer-to-peer wireless communications on all future Sensoria mesh-enabled devices. Originally targeted at the military sector, the technology will be used to enable public-safety voice, data and video applications, the company said. Sensoria has licensed the source code to all of TeleSym's SymPhone product family.

Three-flavored Wi-Fi chip

Intel said it has unlocked a way to support three 802.11 wireless broadband standards on a single chip, according to multiple media reports. Being able to process the Wi-Fi standards — 802.11a/b/g — on a single chip is expected to reduce costs and extend battery life for mobile devices. The solution also is expected to support data rates exceeding 100 Mb/s, the company said.

Laptop-based Wi-Fi spectrum analyzer

Cognio's Intelligent Spectrum Management System (ISMS) Mobile solution is first-of-its-kind, laptop-based, radio frequency spectrum analysis solution for Wi-Fi networks, according to the company. The system, which costs $3995, lets network managers view 802.11 RF spectrum in real-time for troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks; detect and identify specific interfering devices such as Bluetooth, cordless phones, microwave ovens and video cameras; create graphical displays of Wi-Fi spectrum in nine simultaneously charts and graphs; and analyze all Wi-Fi-certified spectrum bands of spectrum in use today, including 802.11a/b/g. Last month, the company introduced a console version of the ISMS — including the console, server system, and two remote sensors — that costs $9995.

Wireless security solution

Secure mobile communications system developer DataLogic International, working with middleware provider Radio IP Software and identity security solution provider ActivCard, has unveiled EncrypTAC, which provides law enforcement and security officers remote access to mission-critical databases. EncrypTAC exceeds Criminal Justice Information System security standards governing access to the National Crime Information Center database and provides two-factor authentication, FIPS 140-2 encryption (with a minimum of 256 bits) and a migration path to Advanced Encryption Standard encryption.

Two-way radio accessories

FreeLinc's FreeMotion 100 is a lightweight, compact single-ear headset that offers push-to-talk and voice-activated operation, while the FreeMotion 200 adds volume adjustment. In addition, the company introduced the FreeMic 200, an all-weather speaker/microphone that filters out intrusive background sounds, and the FreeRange 200, an impact- and weather-resistant dual-ear headset that features a noise-canceling boom microphone as well as voice-activated operation and volume adjustment.

Each of the accessories employs Aura Communications' LibertyLink near-field magnetic technology, which provides better reliability, security and battery life compared with “typical radio frequency-based solutions,” the company said.

Public-safety mobile data solution for BlackBerry

Info-Cop's public-safety software-which gives police officers in the field wireless access to motor vehicle data, warrant information and photo images-is now available for use on Research in Motion's BlackBerry handheld devices. The BlackBerry version offers FIPS 140-2 encryption and connects directly to the Info-Cop server, which adds another layer of protection, according to the company.