Conventional, trunked mobiles

Kenwood USA's TK-2170/3170 VHF/UHF conventional and TK-3173 UHF trunked mobile radios offer 128 channels/128 zones and text messaging via the company's FleetSync application. They also have an emergency key, emergency call features and a man-down option. In addition, Kenwood's TK-5710 P25 mobile offers 512 channels, FleetSync capability and three mounting configurations.

Laptop mount

Ram Mounting Systems' adjustable in-vehicle laptop mounting system offers vertical fine-tuning via the company's patent-pending Tele-Pole, letting users adjust the swing arms or telescoping pedestal via a single knob. A patented no-slip rubber ball and socket isolates shock and vibration to extend laptop life and lets users find the perfect screen-viewing angle.

Cable and antenna analyzers

Anritsu's Broadband Site Master S810D/S820D cable and antenna analyzers employ the company's Frequency Domain Reflectometry technique that results in earlier detection of faults. The S810D/S820D offers standard return loss, VSWR, cable loss and distance-to-fault displays.

Interoperability solution

Link Communications' third iteration of its interoperability solution — the Tactical Communications Bridge — triples the capacity of the TCB-2, fits into a 19-inch rack enclosure, supports analog, digital and P25 radios, and is available in 16-, 24- and 32-channel versions. Users can create up to 16 talk groups. A software application ties the units to a central server to create a layer of redundancy.

Dispatch-to-telephone interface

Telex Communications' PIB-223 dispatch-to-telephone interface for its Vega IP-based radio dispatch line lets IP-based dispatch consoles share a single phone line and eliminates echo that prevented full duplex phone conversations.

Firefighters' pager

Motorola's MINITOR V pager for volunteer firefighters can be programmed on narrow- or wideband channels in UHF and VHF bands. In addition, Motorola added the PR860 and PR1500 two-way radios designed for small and medium-sized businesses, and the MIP 5000 dispatch software solution that leverages the company's VoIP platform.

AVL solution

Pyramid Communications' Centry II automatic vehicle location solution includes a GPS receiver, packet modem and GSM/ GPRS transceiver. With Pyramid's Street Light mapping software, Centry II lets fleet drivers see their location on their laptop screen while providing real-time monitoring of vehicle speed, stops, starts and direction changes.

CB radio

Cobra Electronics' 19DX IV is a compact CB radio offering 40 channels, illuminated LCD display, RF gain control and a heavy-duty dynamic microphone with a 9-foot cord.

Field command radio

RELM Wireless's GPH-CMD Command Radio, built on the company's BK Radio platform, is capable of field communications over 500 channels, with 25 20-channel groups. It operates on the 136 MHz to 174 MHz VHF frequency band and meets MIL-STD 810 C/D/E military specifications.

Multi-band antennas

PCTEL's multiple-band antennas are designed to operate with dual-band or wideband RF radios trans-mitting in multiple microwave frequencies. The line includes a high-gain omnidirectional mast-mount antenna and a high-gain directional panel antenna for outdoor installations, plus four in-building wireless data antenna models.

GPS speaker microphone

Pryme Radio Products' PTG GPS speaker microphone integrates a GPS receiver and RF modem with a remote speaker microphone. The solution brings location capability to hand-held radios, both trunked and conventional, without adding modems and GPS receivers to the radio. The PTG GPS speaker microphone currently is in beta testing, with deliveries scheduled to begin in Fall 2005.

Speaker mics

Stone Mountains' Pro-Band 800 MHz remote antenna speaker microphone for the Motorola's XTS and HT750/1250 series port-able radios features a custom-designed cable assembly that includes an over-molded BNC connector for easy connection, a gold plated BNC/SMA adapter, molded rubber environmental sealing grommet and 3.5 mm over-molded accessory jack.

*spotlight: communications centers and components


The Model 24-66 VoIP desktop remote and Model 20-28 VoIP termination panel allow remote control of a base station radio via an Ethernet LAN. The remote also can connect to a computer, giving the computer access to the LAN without a hub.


The DSPatchNET system connects mobile radio users to colleagues regardless of where they are located. The touch-screen system connects multiple phones, radios, base station controllers and intercoms, and supports hundreds of consoles over WANS or LANs.


The Resource, a Windows-based dispatch interface, provides one-click control so dispatchers can quickly contact individuals by radio, phone or pager. Desktop, rack mount and PC versions are available. Other features include an instant recall recorder and supervisor control to prevent unauthorized access or content deletion.


VR725 digital logging recorders feature the Linux operating system and provide up to 16 simultaneous client connections and scalability from 8 to 96 channels. A dual 250 GB hard drive (in a RAID-1 configuration) yields storage capacity of about 5 channel years. A 1 TB hot-swap RAID-5 drive bay is optional.


The 911 Dispatch console's modular construction allows it to be reconfigured and retrofitted. The console provides a cable management system, equipment storage and access, and an ergonomic design.


An interface for EFJohnson's 5300 radio has been developed for the Series 4000 radio dispatch console system, which can perform dispatching as well as interoperability patching over conventional analog, P25 and Motorola SMARTNET and SmartZone radio networks.

Telex Communications

The Network Radio Traffic Recorder lets users monitor and record audio in real time from any channel on their IP-based radio network. Also available is the Vega C-Soft software application that lets a PC monitor and control two-way radios that are connected to the network.


ComLog NP voice recorders are scalable from 4 to 250 channels in various chassis sizes. Each recorder comes with a minimum 120 GB upgradable hard drive, with several archiving options. The recorders offer single-click instant recall.