Proxity Digital Networks Inc. has confired plans to test homeland security versions of their “On Alert Gunshot Detection System Technology.”

Protection of railways, ports and borders using the Internet and hardware independent hand-held devices (PDAs) are Proxity's next highest priority after completing tests on the GDS prototype. The GDS prototype in beta testing is programmed to provide the authorities monitoring target areas with details of gunshots — including the type of gun used, number of shots fired and the location of where the shots originated.

Synchros Technologies Inc., On Alert's development team, expects 90 days of field trials to complete the hardware and software development.

Once deployed, the events captured by the GDS will be transferred to authorities in dispatch offices or to the “cops on the beat” via the Internet and wireless hardware independent hand-held devices (PDAs).

Walking sounds, movement through water, or vibrations on the ground are expected to be the next generation of GDS priorities and programmed into future versions for the protection of railways, ports and borders.

William C. Robinson, CEO, Proxity Digital Networks, noted, “Almost any event, which has a predictable acoustic, subsonic or ultrasonic signature could be detected and located by the GDS when the commercial units are deployed. We should be able to monitor every city, town, urban and rural municipality including warehouse areas, waterfronts, and borders using the On Alert GDS. It can be clipped onto power lines, mounted on light poles, tall buildings or other strategic locations that provide optimum coverage. Within seconds of activity or movement in the monitored area, the sensors deliver the information to law enforcement over the Internet and PDAs. Unlike competitive systems that require the precise locating of sensors, On Alert GDS is developing an acoustical wave technology that will allow for quick installation, more random layout of grids, and the use of the terrain to detect and transmit events. On Alert has a programmable memory that can be applied to other sound signatures for monitoring and detection of crisis-related incidents. Upon completion of field tests by Synchros and release of a commercial production model by Proxity, On Alert Gunshot Detection System will be readily available to Federal, State and Local governments. We are rushing it to market.”