Avtec is the forerunner in the development of radio and telephone communications console systems. Founded in 1979, Avtec designs, manufactures and services touch screen console systems that carry voice over telephone, radio and data networks.
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> www.avtecinc.com


Cimarron Technologies builds ANI and Software-Defined Encryption™ products for portable and mobile radios that enhance end-user interoperability. Markets include public safety, correctional, municipal and fleet markets.
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> www.cimtechcorp.com


Comprod Communications is a leader in the Two-Way LMR industry. Known for our custom and standard designs, our spectacular customer service, and our great products. 30MHz-960MHz — Antennas, Dipoles, Yagis — Filters, Combiners, Duplexers, Bandpass Cavities, and Hybrids and more.
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> www.comprodcom.com


Daniels Electronics manufactures radio base stations and repeaters from 30-520 MHz and is a provider of VoIP solutions. Daniels analog radios may be upgraded to P25 digital via field-flashable firmware.
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> www.danelec.com


EFJohnson provides Project 25 compliant SMARTNET/SmartZone compatible two-way radios and VoIP-based communication systems for law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS, and the military. EFJohnson radios are the right choice for 800 MHz rebanding.
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> www.EFJohnson.com


Eventide invented the digital voice recorder in 1989. Known for innovation and reliability, thousands of customers worldwide depend on Eventide voice recorders for air traffic control and emergency call centers.
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> www.eventide.com


Honeywell Batteries provides portable power solutions for hand held data collection devices and printers, two-way radios, wireless telephones, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, with quality that is regarded as the best in the world.
(800) 267-2711
> www.honeywellbatteries.com


Pryme Radio Products: supplier of accessories to professional users of two-way radios, including the GPSMIC™ Speaker Microphone, which provides a global positioning satellite network for locating users in the field.
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> www.pryme.com


The Advanced Provider of Wireless Communication. HYT Two-Way Radios start at $225 MSRP. “Buy 6, Get 1” on portables through 8/31/07. See website for details.
(877) 449-8621
> www.hyt-na.com


Radio Talk-in and Talk-out products are for those integrating simulcast systems. Equipment includes GPS Master Oscillators, manual and automatic Audio Delay Subsystems and voter comparators.
(585) 223-4927
> www.simulcastsolutions.com


Visit www.icomamerica.com today to view Icom radio model descriptions and options, trade show appearances, dealer locations, GSA purchasing information, download brochures and manuals and more. Icom is for people who make smart choices.
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> www.icomamerica.com


Spotwave provides high performance, cost-effective repeaters for wireless subscribers and two-way radio users who need reliable service in-building. Spotwave's fully integrated systems include patented technology that provides proactive network protection and continuous performance optimization.
(866) 704-9750
> www.spotwave.com


STI-CO's Web Site featurs a complete line of mobile and portable two-way antennas for covert, tactical, public safety, video and transportation use. It also includes new products, installation tips, FAQ's, news, dealers, contacts and links. Order our NEW 2007 catalog!
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> www.sti-co.com


Telewave.com provides easy access to pricing, data and application information on more than 1200 radio system products. In addition, the site offers a cross-reference for more than 900 Wacom part numbers and their Telewave equivalents.
(800) 331-3396
> www.telewave.com


TESSCO.com is one of the leading sites in the wireless industry, with twelve unique search options, powerful worksheet system, immediate access to price and availability, fast order process, and secure access to order history, delivery tracking and more.
(800) 508-5444
> www.tessco.com


Vertex Standard manufactures land mobile products for public safety, B&I and trunking, including repeaters, mobiles, and portables (including P-25 versions). Vertex provides reliability and operating flexibility.
(714) 827-7600
> www.vxstd.com


Winncom Technologies is a worldwide distributor and provider of complete networking solutions. Based in Cleveland, OH with additional offices in Europe, Eurasia and Central Asia, winncom.com is truly a one-stop shop for your wireless network projects.
(888) 946-6266
> www.winncom.com


Zetron designs and manufactures mission-critical communications systems for public and private agencies and companies. Zetron has installed thousands of systems and deployed over 15,000 console operator positions worldwide.
(425) 820-6363
> www.zetron.com