Ritron Inc. introduces the new Jobcom JMX Display-Series Jobsite Portable Radios. These VHF/UHF radios feature a bright LED display, up to 10 Channel capability, Channel Scan, Weather Channel, Weather Alert, Quiet Call Coded Squelch and PC programmability. They are available with 1W, 1.5W, 2W, 3W, or 4 Watts of power output.

Specific models offer enhanced features like 2-Tone Paging Decode, Normal or Priority Scan, and Digital Coded Squelch.

The JMX Display-Series portables are rugged, lightweight (11.5 oz) and stand only 4.75" tall. These radios fit easily in a shirt pocket or on a belt. The radios are weather and impact-resistant to help protect against on-the-job wear and tear.

With a range of two to five miles (line-of-sight), company officals say these radios are ideal for use in repeater or portable-to-portable only systems in factories, hotels/motels, schools, retail stores and shopping malls, special events, hospitals or construction sites.

These radios are PC programmable within the VHF/UHF band for use in repeaters or portable-to-portable only systems, as well as 21 user programmable Color Dot frequencies; 51 built-in user programmable Interference Eliminator (Quiet Call) codes, Channel Scan with Nuisance Channel Delete, PC programmable narrow or wide band selectable (TX only).

VHF models also feature MURS Certification (no license required), NOAA Weather Channel, and NOAA Weather Alert.

All models offer easy-to-hear, loud, 1 Watt of audio output, drop-in charger capability, quick-change battery, and versatile audio accessory jacks for optional remote speaker microphone, headsets, or earsets.

The Jobcom JMX Display-Series radios come with a rechargeable battery, wall charger, belt clip, antenna, and a one-year warranty.


Radio Waves rolls out Discriminators

Radio Waves Inc. has released a high performance antenna design known as the Discriminator series.

The Discriminator is a one-foot diameter antenna that has first side lobes 23 dB down from the main beam.

This performance reduces interference from other microwave transmitters when collocation is required, according to company officials.

The new Discriminator series is available for the 10, 26, 28, 31, 32, 38 and 60 GHz bands.

The lightweight and easy-to-install design, according to company officials, uses a shaped reflector to optimize patterns and assure enhanced system performance.

The model number for the new Discriminator series begins with HPCPE — followed by the appropriate frequency range.

They come complete with an adjustable antenna mount.


Grounding systems problems solved

Rabun Labs Inc., innovator in UL Listed Lightning Detection/Equipment Protection Systems, developed a new Technology that addresses the need for an automatic Ground Monitoring and Maintenance System (GM/MS).

The official Notice of Allowance has been received from the US Patent Office indicating an issued US Patent is forthcoming on the technology.

Company officials added that the technology will be incorporated into the Model GM/MS, and functions to continuously monitor the resistivity of the soil in the area where a ground rod or system is located.

When the soil resistivity raises above the site-selected “set-point,” the GM/MS activates a valve causing the soil in the area of the grounding system to be gently soaked with water until the resistivity falls below the “set-point,” then automatically resets and deactivates the valve. This action will automatically maintain the soil resistivity, which in turn assures the ground system resistance is maintained.

The GM/MS also provides a local audible and visual alert when high resistivity is detected and the valve is energized.

Dry contacts also are provided to interface with dialers or data systems for remote monitoring.

While low ground resistance is foremost at all times to reduce noise and assure optimum equipment operation, the soil resistivity changes as natural evaporation of the moisture in the soil occurs.

Unfortunately, this also is primarily in the summer months, when lightning is a concern and grounding is needed to be at its best.

To address an additional concern, the GM/MS does not connect to or in anyway affect existing ground rods or systems.

Instead, it has two dedicated “sense rods” that are installed in the area of the site grounding system to monitor the soil resistivity. The GM/MS unit is housed in a wall-mount, non-metallic enclosure, 7.5 inches by 4.5 inches by 2 inches.

In addition to monitoring the soil resistivity, the GM/MS also monitors the site electrical ground system to assure that equipment and/or AC outlets are actually connected to your site electrical ground.

Should an anomaly be detected, the GM/MS provides a local audible and visual alert as well as dry contacts for remote reporting interface.


DLC launches Cybertrak

DLC has announced a new division within its company, CyberTrak Interactive Systems.

CyberTrak is a GPS and cellular-based system using the latest design technology that can be accessed by telephone or Web site.

Features that can be accessed are: Real Time Location with direction and speed, Fastest Speed of the Day, Door unlock, starter disable and Geo-Fence within a half-mile perimeter.

The Geo-Fence feature can be interfaced with any aftermarket security system to automatically set every time the alarm is armed. The CyberTrak unit uses a combination GPS/Cellular antenna that can be easily installed under the dash or rear deck for stealth installations.

John Martin, national sales manager states: “We are positioning ourselves for huge growth in this category. This product will give the 12-volt retailer a fresh new product that is aggressively priced and will offer new opportunities to increase sales revenue.”

Airtime prices start at $3 per month.

Suggested retail pricing is $449.95 with installation excluded.