ShotSpotter announced that its Gunshot Location System (GLS) would be integrated with Tropos Networks' Metro-Scale Wi-Fi Mesh solutions so municipalities can use their Wi-Fi mesh networks to transmit gunfire data to public-safety officials.

Gregg Rowland, senior vice president of sales and marketing for ShotSpotter, said partnering with Tropos provides a unique opportunity to provide public-safety officials with a one-stop-shop solution to track and capture gunfire data that are transmitted in real-time over a municipal Wi-Fi network. “If muni Wi-Fi is already going up, the customer can bundle the two and save a lot of money,” Rowland said.

In other news, the city of Paterson, N.J., is merging the company's gunshot detection and location system with the city's wireless-surveillance network to assist police in criminal apprehension. Integration of the two technologies is scheduled to be complete by year's end and will enable cameras to tilt and pan in order to focus on the source of gunfire, according to the company.