Daniels Electronics

Rapidly deployable briefcase repeaters are designed to boost in-building signals for first responders during emergency incidents. The units can be used in a wide range of repeater or base station applications, including VHF/UHF cross-band and satellite telephone interface, according to the company. Standard Daniels RF modules (analog or P25 digital, including AES and DES encryption) in any frequency band are interconnected to an interface module that provides external connections in the side of the case for the RF connection to the antenna and an AC/DC connection to the internal battery backup unit and charging circuit.

Icom America Systems

A new 100 W repeater is designed to take some of the guesswork out of setting up a communication system, according to the company. Consequently, the standard package price includes tuning, aligning, assembly, programming and staging the system in-house, as well as the cost of crating and packaging the system for shipment. It operates on both UHF and VHF channels. Other standard features include multiple CTCSS and DTCS tone memories with multiple memory channels; built-in 2-tone, 5-tone, DTMF encoder and decoder; telephone interconnect capability; DTMF remote control capability; and built-in battery backup.

Berkeley Varitronics Systems

The BumbleBee is a hand-held, portable spectrum analyzer that measures the 2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz, 5.15 GHz to 5.9 GHz and 4.94 GHz to 4.99 GHz bands for network installation, coverage and RF interference analysis purposes. The unit interfaces with HP's iPAQ pocket PC; the iPAQ's touch screen lets field engineers tap on points of interest in the waveform and drill down for further analysis, Berkeley said. The BumbleBee enables on-the-fly switching of bands for real-time spectral analysis of RFID, VoIP, 802.11b/a/g, Bluetooth and other two-way radio systems, including public-safety systems.

EMR Corp.

Bi-directional and unidirectional amplifier systems are operational in city and county jails, tunnels, airports, hospitals, casinos and many other types of businesses. System development services are available from 60 MHz to 2 GHz, while the next generation of BDAs will feature optional IP-based monitoring and control the company said. Other in-building products that are available include splitters for 50/50 power division, line taps and antennas.

Innovative Circuit Technology

The Panel Mount Series of power supplies includes the ICT AP series, which comes standard with selectable 120/220 V input, a 12 V or 24 V primary output and a 5 V output-monitoring signal. Some models offer an additional terminal for lead acid battery backup. If AC power fails while a battery is connected to the battery terminal, the battery maintains the primary output. When AC power is present and a battery is connected, the battery is float-charged from the main output. This feature offers short-circuit and fused reverse connection protection.

Powerwave Technologies

An in-building wireless backbone solution is capable of providing both wireless voice and data services. The solution currently is deployed at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, the company said. The Sea-Tac system consists of triple-band cross-polarized antennas that measure just 8-by 8-inches — a form factor that met the airport's strict architectural guidelines — a fiber-optic network, RF-to-optical conversion modules, RF and IF filters, repeaters and dual-direction amplifiers.

TPL Communications

The Smart SRXRF-PS continuous duty power amplifier will accept any TPL amplifier from VHF low band through 960 MHz, with output levels up to 125 W. The device uses 7 inches of rack space and offers a circuit breaker/on-off switch, five LED indicators on the front panel and an operating temperature range of -30° to 50° Celsius. They also are supplied with a self-contained switching power supply, and the unit's harmonic attenuation exceeds FCC specifications, the company said.