Stone Mountain

The ProGlo Juno speaker microphone series features a phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark case. It is designed for dark, smoke-filled, high-stress operating conditions typical in fire-fighting and HAZMAT applications.

Wireless Pacific

Two new models of the Lone Alert man-down remote speaker microphones and headsets are built for high-noise environments. The microphones offer a warbling alert tone over the channel or talk group when the user has been static for 30 seconds. Operation includes a 15-second grace period before a 10-second user pre-alert, which can be disabled for silent alerting. Both models support Kenwood, ICOM and Simoco portable radios.

Kenwood USA

The TK-5710 mobile radio operates in conventional VHF FM and Project 25 digital modes, offers 512 channels and meets military standards 810 C-F. Options include AES/DES encryption, dual-priority scan, three mounting configurations (dash mount and single or dual control head remote mounts), and a choice of two front panels. Also, the TK-7180 HK and TK-8180 HK are VHF/UHF conventional and trunked mobiles that offer power outputs of 50 W (VHF) and 45 W (UHF). Each has a heavy-duty microphone, plug-in option port, enhanced audio and front-panel speaker and meets military standards 180 C-F and IP 54/55.


M/A-COM M/A-COM's updated M7200 mobile radio operates in both the 800 MHz frequency band and the soon-to-be-available 700 MHz frequency band. It employs a digital-radio architecture with digital-signal processing capability that can be programmed over the air and features integrated GPS and data-encryption applications.


The PowerComPLUS headset comes with 22 pre-programmed UHF channels and can be reprogrammed to add 30 channels between 462 MHz and 467 MHz. The headset transmits up to 2 miles, with 38 sub-channels, privacy tones, a rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack (sold separately), voice-activated or push-to-talk operation and a noise-canceling, boom microphone. The model received a noise reduction rating of 25 dB.


The BPR40 two-way radio features eight channels, two programmable buttons and 12 programmable features. Also available is a line of audio accessories for commercial series two-way radios, including earpieces, headsets and remote speaker microphones.

Astron Wireless Technologies

The Enviro-Seal Yagi antenna is coated with aliphatic acrylic urethane paint and designed to withstand operating temperatures of -40° to 160°F. The company also offers a low-profile redesigned Hemi antenna that provides wide-area coverage in hallways, warehouses, stadiums and other open areas. It features elliptical circular polarization with 4 dBi gain, minimizing the losses associated with cross-polarization.


The FreeMotion200 headset has a rugged, single-ear design and features push-to-talk and voice-activated operation, and volume-adjustment. The wireless capability is supported by near-field, magnetic-communication technology, which enhances reliability, security and battery life while it diminishes interference.

RELM Wireless

The RELM/BK RM800 line of mobile radios are designed for public-safety and emergency-response deployment. The radios offer 512 channels with 256 programmable zones. Specifically, the RMV800 operates in the 136 MHz to 174 MHz (VHF) frequency range, while the RMU800 operates in the 450 MHz to 512 MHz (UHF) frequency range. The radios are PC- and front-panel programmable and feature backlit LCD displays, a built-in 1200/2400 b/s data modem and a built-in scrambler.

Bee Electronics

A re-designed mobile accessory case is constructed from water-repellent Dupont Cordura nylon. Also available is a safety belt with top-grain cowhide and 3M Scotchline reflective strips. The material meets ANSI Level2 retro-reflective material specifications.

Next- gen software radio solution

A series of next-generation software radio solutions for wireless infrastructure and mobile combines Vanu's Anywave base station with the BitWave Softransceiver IC. The Anywave base station supports simultaneous operation of multiple existing wireless standards, such as GSM, iDEN and CDMA, while the Softransceiver IC supports multiple wireless standards over a wide range of RF spectrum. The integration will enable carriers to deliver flexible, low-cost and high-performance next-generation software radio infrastructure and devices, the companies said.


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