The 12-inch Gooseneck Halogen Map Light is available in top- or side-mount options and features a 5 Watt halogen lamp that offers a wider beam and more light output than LED models. The map light comes with an easy-to-slide permanent lens that produces red or white light, which helps to reduce nighttime vision loss. In addition, a vehicle console specifically designed for the Ford E-Series van replaces the OEM engine cover console, requires no permanent modification and provides a custom fit and appearance. The console is manufactured with a 14-gauge powder-coated formed steel housing for extra durability.


A lightweight universal cradle for the Panasonic Toughbook Models 27, 28 and 29 computers can be placed on any Gamber-Johnson motion attachment for tilt and swivel capability. Adjustable hold-down clips ensure a snug fit to increase officer safety. A wing-turn closure latch has a built-in key lock to help deter theft and allow for quick computer insertion and removal. Also available for the Panasonic computers is a universal mobile docking station that features an internal protected circuit board/power supply that safeguards electrical components from dirt and dust, fast computer removal and is USB 2.0 compliant. It can be ordered with single RF or dual RF pass-thru. In addition, a mobile docking cradle for Dell D600/D610 computers is designed to securely mount the computer into fleet vehicles. Features include a push-button latch that allows easy computer placement and removal.


The Y2000 Vehicle Intercom System lets first responders talk to each other clearly while in transit to an incident because the system's noise-canceling electric microphone and noise-attenuating headsets combine to make the high background noise created by engines and sirens a non-issue. Headband and neckband headset models are available. The headsets offer a beveled cup design to fit under fire helmets and sidetone capability for increased clarity when transmitting. The standard system accommodates six headsets but can be expanded to accommodate 10 headsets. Metal housings, military-standard plugs and jacks, an EMI/RFI shielded cable assemblies are standard.

Ram Mounts

A fully adjustable, in-vehicle laptop mounting system offers vertical fine-tuning via the company's patent-pending Tele-Pole, which lets users adjust either the swing arms or telescoping pedestal via a single knob. In addition, a patented no-slip rubber ball and socket isolates shock and vibration to extend laptop life. It also enables the user to find the perfect screen-viewing angle, regardless whether the laptop is used from the passenger or driver side, the company said. Solutions are available for Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, GMC, Ford and Jeep vehicles. The no-drill bases use existing hardware, and the tray is spring loaded.

First Mobile Technologies

The Dell D610 Cradle is just ⅞-inch wider and ⅝-inch deeper than the laptop to deliver a minimum in-vehicle footprint. Other features include a secure key-locking mechanism to keep the laptop in place; full access to all laptop ports, card slots and drive bays; a non-glare surface finish; scratch-resistant clamps at all touch points; 360° swivel capability; and an optional arm that holds the screen in an upright position. The cradle is constructed from 16-gauge steel to reduce vibration and can be height-adjusted. In addition, users can completely close the laptop while it is locked in the cradle, and a patented “voltage armor” feature guards against power interruptions.