Firetide's HotPort 7000 MIMO-based infrastructure mesh offers throughput of up to 400 Mb/s and enables delivery of multiple high-speed services over wireless, including high-resolution, real-time video surveillance, broadband access, HDTV, multiple voice streams over IP and high-speed infrastructure backhaul. Indoor and outdoor models feature: integrated tools for easier deployments and network management, and dual or single configurable radios in the 2.4, 4.9 and 5 GHz frequency ranges. The company's IVS-100 is an integrated wireless video surveillance solution supporting public safety and commercial security applications. Incorporating the HotPort mesh node, IP camera or analog video camera with an encoder, and optional storage, the system is ideal for outdoor video surveillance applications. Designed for rapid deployment, the IVS-100 delivers wireless connectivity, real-time video and edge-of-network storage in a single form factor.

Signal Intelligence offers Spectrum SentryNet, a comprehensive suite of software tools designed for government, law enforcement and professional applications. Tools are provided for maintaining frequency databases, advanced monitoring, recording, logging and analysis. Receivers from AOR, Cubic, DRS (WJ), Icom, TenTec, Uniden and others are supported. Received audio is recorded to hard disk and indexed by frequency, ID code, time and date. Spectrum SentryNet can connect to local and remote receivers using a variety of connectivity choices.

Wireless Pacific recently released its XTS-compatible covert kit for the miniature Vertex VX820 portable P25, AES/DES radios. The kit enables these radios to be charged in Motorola's XTS5000 chargers and to be used with their traditional hirose 6-pin surveillance accessories via two versions of audio adaptors — one with speaker switching and the other without — for failsafe covert operation.

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