Euclid Discoveries announced that its new EuclidVision compression technology would enable quality video transmissions over data networks with very little bandwidth.

Founded in the concept of object-based compression (OBC), EuclidVision achieves compression ratios of 15,168 to 1 for certain videos, said Richard Wingard, Euclid Discoveries CEO. In validated tests, EuclidVision has reduced a “streaming commentator” — one showing the head and shoulders of a subject — from a 23 Mb file to a 1.519 kb file.

Such compression should make video conferencing realistic over almost any network, including wireless networks with effective data rates of less than 4 kb/s, Wingard said. He added that the compression scheme also would let surveillance networks transmit higher-quality video from remote cameras to an operations center using much less bandwidth and/or power.

While the MPEG-4 standard is a 50% improvement over MPEG-2 compression, EuclidVision offers a 600% improvement compared with MPEG-2 and a 460% improvement compared with MPEG-4, Wingard said.