Power Over Ethernet

Power-over-Ethernet (POE) or "Active Ethernet" eliminates the need to run 110/220 VAC power to WLAN and other devices on a wired LAN. Using POE system installers, users need to run only a single CAT5 Ethernet cable that carries both power and data to each device. This allows greater flexibility in the locating of access points and network devices, and significantly decreases installation costs in many cases. Citel has designed a solution to protect POE data/communication lines in local and wide area networks up to 100 Base-T transmission speeds. A carefully designed circuit isolates data from Ethernet power lines and protects all eight pins. The ultra-sharp clamping response of Citel model MJ8-505-24D3A60 permanently eliminates transients from POE applications to ensure equipment safety and optimal data transfer. Booth 3068

COMREP55 Series of PMR Repeaters and Base Stations

The COMREP55 from Comsystems is a series of two way repeaters and duplex base stations for the PMR frequency bands, designed for continuous operation in unconditioned environments. The COMREP55 is housed in a rugged weatherproof cabinet, which also provides cooling to the transceivers without the need of a fan/ventilator. Booth 6070

DComSet Intrinsically Safe Headsets and Adapters

The David Clark Company introduces its new line of Intrinsically Safe headsets and adapters for use with IS-approved portable radios in confined and dangerous areas. The new IS-approved DComSet (with TM-6 throat microphone and over-ear speaker) also is offered for use under tight-fitting Haz-Mat apparel. Booth 7006

The Contour Console Step Console with ‘Smooth-Glide’

Another innovative Console and Computer Mount by Jotto Desk places 16 inches of equipment and a computer in the Crown Victoria with little instrusion between the seats. The Countour Console Step Console with the “Smooth-Glide” computer mount secures communications equipment while freeing up hip room and providing a clear evacuation route across both seats. Booth 11063

P7200 Dual-Band Radio

M/A-COM's new 700/800 MHz dual-band P7200 is a digital, 4-slot, TDMA, IP-addressable portable radio delivering full featured, high capacity, 6.25 kHz spectral efficiency communications in multiple operating modes — including OpenSky, EDACS, and Project 25. AES-encryptable, rugged, and data-capable, the P7200 series meets any critical communications need. Booth 6059

MDS Mobile Data Kit

Microwave Data Systems' Mobile Data Kit is an in-vehicle wireless data networking kit. The kit consists of an MDS iNET 900 remote radio, associated power supply, mounting bracket, antenna and required cables. The kit is designed to supply the above-mentioned parts for one vehicle. Booth 10056

Model SRM-300 Selective Radiation Meter

Narda-STS will be exhibiting its new Model SRM-3000 selective radiation meter. This is the only selective radiation meter that lets users read total field strength at transmitter sites, and the individual field strengths of all emitters. With a large dynamic range, fields can be detected as low as 5 mV/m, which is about 60 dB more sensitive than traditional equipment. Users who operate on shared sites with other transmitters will find this tool effective in determining compliance with FCC regulations. Booth 12006

Remote Console Interface for Dispatch

The Remote Console Interface (RCI) from OTTO Engineering is a control grip designed for 911 dispatch operations. It has volume control, mute and push-to-talk (P2T) buttons all within one housing. It has a modular connector that allows users to easily change out headset options. OTTO is offering three different headset options: the Breeze, Explorer and lightweight headsets. Booth 10029

LMR Mobile Mount Charger

The new LMR Mobile Mount Charger from Power Products makes it possible to charge a mobile radio in a vehicle. The radio rests in a custom-designed cradle and is fully operational while charging. The cradle includes mounting hardware and a cable that connects to the vehicle's 12-volt outlet. Booth 1010

SVR-200 700 MHz Vehicular Repeater

The SVR-200 Vehicular Repeater from Pyramid Communications is now available in 700 MHz, 800 MHz and 900 MHz bands, as well as VHF and UHF. The 700 MHz SVR-200 can be licensed on any of the 24 channels designated for low power interoperability from 764-806 MHz in accordance with CFR-47 Part 90 paragraphs 90.531(b)(3)&(4). The 900 MHz version operates from 897-902 and 936-941 MHz. The 800 MHz version operates from 806-824 and 850-870 MHz and is available in wideband (25 kHz) or narrowband (12.5 kHz) versions. The 700 and 900 MHz versions are available in narrowband (12.5 kHz) only. Booth 11040

Centry II AVL

The CentryII AVL, also from Pyramid Communications, is a self contained GPS receiver, packet controller and iDeEN packet data modem. All that is needed for operation is a 12-volt connection and antenna. The CentryII features in-car GPS output for on-board navigation and routes, and provides automatic updates on vehicle speeding, starts, stops, turns or if the driver unplugs the GPS antenna. The CentryII also interfaces directly with the Kenwood KDS-100 mobile data terminal to provide complete fleet-management capabilities. Booth 11040

SC281 Omnidirectional VHF Antenna

Sinclair Technologies has developed a VHF fiberglass omnidirectional antenna using low PIM antenna design techniques. The SC281 has a gain of 6.0 dBd and a PIM rating of -150dBc. It has a 500-watt input power rating and 150-mph survival wind rating. The product is backed by a six-year warranty. Booth 8063

High-Speed Simulcast Paging System

Zetron will showcase its High-Speed Simulcast Paging System that uses GPS information to synchronize the transmission of paging signals to very tight tolerances. The HSSPS is intended for public or private paging system operators that use multiple transmitters and wish to create new paging systems, or to build out existing systems into new regions. Booths 7013 & 9069