May you live in interesting times — the supposed Chinese curse. Well, one man's curse is another man's blessing and, yes, I'd much rather live in interesting times. This is a very good time be part of our industry — it's larger-than-life interesting.

With rebanding, the IP migration and mesh networking, as well as the continued evolution of radio frequency identification and software-defined radio technologies, a plethora of solutions — many of them disruptive — are brewing right now. Factor in all of the policy, regulatory and funding initiatives that affect technology development and the result is a level of complexity that resembles a 3-D game of chess.

Managing complexity — that's where we come in. MRT is a complexity-buster — it's our job. We organize, integrate and prioritize the myriad information we gather and then add industry insight and knowledge — all to help you manage the complexity and make the best possible investments for public-safety and enterprise wireless communications. We do it in print every month, every week in our e-newsletter, MRT Bulletin, and every business day on our Web site,

We think about you all the time — what your jobs and duties are, the shifting nature of your missions, your need for richer and more robust information and communications. Simply put, your job is our passion. Our mission is to give you the best possible insight into the tough choices you must make. Our expanding editorial team — Glenn Bischoff, Donny Jackson, Mary Rose Roberts and a stable of experienced and talented contributing writers — is the heart of our enterprise. They work feverishly to exceed your expectations on every one of our products.

This is our IWCE issue, and MRT is the official magazine of IWCE, a terrific event that provides face-to-face networking opportunities, a wealth of conferences and educational opportunities that are essential to professional growth and the chance to keep abreast of the innovations and new technologies that are changing the face of public-safety and enterprise wireless communications. (If you aren't attending IWCE this year, you really should add this event to your dance card — you won't be disappointed.)

Take your time and enjoy this issue of MRT. It's loaded with great content — must-read industry news, new products, emerging technology and regulatory issues that are shaping your professional life. But above all, let us know how we are doing for you. We need and want to hear from you — what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong. Be sure to tell us how we can be your most valuable industry resource — in fact, if you're attending IWCE, stop by our booth. Rest assured, we want your feedback.