EFJohnson's 2600 Series can be configured as a repeater or as a base station in a conventional analog, Project 25 digital or mixed-mode network. When operating in mixed mode, it can detect the signaling mode of an incoming call. It then returns the call using the same protocol. The standalone 2600 supports P25 features such as group calls, emergency and System All Call. The IP25 Network Interface Unit (NIU) supports unit and talk-group validation and cross-band and cross-mode call routing across multiple sites.

C4i offers the SwitchPlus Radio Interface Unit (RIU), which uses voice-over IP to interface radios and telephony assets. The RIU supports a wide range of radio types and can stand alone as a radio-over IP (ROIP) gateway. It also can be integrated with other open-standard solutions using SIP or RTP protocols. The company also offers the SwitchPlusIP Operator Interface Unit (OIU), the communications hub of the SwitchplusIP operator position. It provides the operator with dedicated DSP audio processing resources that support a diverse range of audio equipment including mono and stereo headsets, handsets with P2T, boom mics, and monitor speakers.

EADS Secure Networks added the TB5000i P25 digital base station repeater to its CORP25-based radio architecture. The repeater features a robust design; easy installation and maintenance; and multiple interfaces, including line audio, digital inputs, outputs and external interfaces.

ICT manufactures base station covers that are customized to fit various radio models. The company's latest model, the CS120-15A/MOT12 incorporates the ICT12012-15A switching power supply factory assembled with the BASE-MOT12 base station cover (comes with external speaker). This housing is customized for Motorola XTL1500, XTL 2500 and XTL5000 mobile radios.

Tait Communications' TaitNet P25 networks support interoperability with dispatch console manufacturers. IP-based P25 networks support devices from digital trunked (CSSI) and conventional (DFSI) to four-wire analog gateways.

Motorola's MOTOBRIDGE is a flexible, fixed or mobile gateway that allows public-safety radio users to connect disparate networks together for interoperability among multiple agencies. The gateway also enables radio users to be connected directly with telephone and PC users and provides advanced radio and signaling capability to ensure mission-critical performance. In addition to connecting disparate networks, the unit can be used for IP dispatch control of a single network, or as an over-IP radio voter to vote multiple receivers from the same system. The company also offers the ASTRO 25 G-series base station family, a software-definable architecture that can be configured to serve multiple purposes within an ASTRO 25 system. The G-series station supports Project 25 Phase-1 integrated voice and data.

Base station and gateway vendors

Andrew Corp. ■ C4i ■ CalAmp ■ Daniels Electronics Ltd. ■ Dekolink Wireless Ltd. ■ DX Radio Systems Inc. ■ EADS Secure Networks ■ EF Johnson Technologies ■ Etherstack ■ Fiplex ■ Futurecom Systems Group ■ ICT ■ IP Mobile Net Inc. ■ Kenwood Communications ■ M/A-Com ■ Midland Radio Corp. ■ Motorola Land Mobile Products Sector ■ NEC ■ Relm Wireless ■ RFS ■ Ritron ■ Strix Systems Inc. ■ Tait North America ■ Telewave Inc. ■ Thales Communications ■ For complete listing of base station and gateway vendors, visit directory.urgentcomm.com