Alltel Wireless announced last week that it now supports a chemical, biological and radiological agent detection software developed by Alluviam.

Alluviam’s HazMasterG3 is a software solution that can be run on wireless devices to identify unknown chemical agents, radiological isotopes, detonators and chemical reactions. It provides details on more than 118,000 chemical, biological and radiological agents, trade names and explosives, according to Joseph Johnson, staff manager of product marketing enterprise solutions for Alltel.

Johnson said first responders and government customers requested a solution to provide a mechanism for identification and decision-support capabilities to respond to address potential chemical threats at a manmade or natural disaster.

“We went out and searched for a company that already had such capabilities for these solutions,” he said. “We work on building a solution set that works with a wireless device, whether it is a BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile device or a laptop with a data card together with the Alltel Wireless service.”

Alltel sells the wireless service and devices, and partners with Alluviam to sell directly to its customers. The software costs $1449 per user, Johnson said.