CommScope has upgraded its mobile location software to cover LTE users. Specifically, the company’s GeoLENs Mobile Location Center (MLC) 10.3 extends the software’s 2G/3G locator capability to 4G LTE networks.

“With our latest GeoLENs upgrade, there’s now a seamless, cost-effective way to add LTE location capability to an existing 2G/3G deployment and immediately extend current LBS offerings in an LTE environment,” said John Baker, CommScope’s senior vice president of network solutions.

The MLC platform integrates functions such as the Gateway Mobile Location Center, Serving Mobile Location Center, Enhanced Serving Mobile Location Center, Stand Alone Serving Mobile Location Center, and Secure User Plane Location Platform into a single system. The LTE software is built upon the Assisted-GPS (A-GPS) methods “already being used to meet FCC E911 Phase II caller-location requirements,” said Rick Aspan, CommScope’s vice president of corporate communications.

“In cases where A-GPS is unable to locate the mobile, the system calculates a location using network-based back-up positioning techniques,” he said.

Carriers who already are using the 2G/3G version of GeoLENS can add LTE capability with a software upgrade.