The FirefighterLog app now can be integrated into computer-aided dispatch systems, said Patrick Jackson, the app’s developer and a career fire engineer with the Rocky Mount (N.C.) Fire Department. Other updates include the ability to import area hydrant data and optimization for Android tablets. New features currently are being field-tested by Rocky Mount firefighters, Jackson said.

“Firefighters especially volunteers may not know where every street is in their territory,” he said. “So this app can give them a quick look at where the call is.”

The app converts text dispatch data into Google navigator and provides firefighter-engineers with GPS-based driving directions to an incident. Integrating it directly into the CAD system allows for quicker notification and more complete information available to first responders, Jackson said.

The app itself is free to use with existing SMS dispatches with the use of the CADPage app. Direct CAD integration will be offered as a monthly service with pricing TBA. Importing preplan and occupancy data will be offered in the future, Jackson said.

The app is available on the Play market. The service will be offered at a discount to "early adopter" fire departments. Interested agencies can complete a form online.

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