Energy-industry professionals now can transmit data and voice in the 700 MHz band using FreeWave Technologies’ 700 MHz wireless radio operating over Arcadian Networks, which offers coverage in the band to more than 30 U.S. states.

Delivery of the 700 MHz radio to the marketplace provides an opportunity for electric utilities to incorporate an ISM-band radio technology and wireless data solution on a 700 MHz private, licensed and secure communication platform, said Colin Lippincott, FreeWave’s spokesperson. It is a board-level radio that includes a 6-30 VDC input voltage, a operational temperature range of -30°C to +70°C and surface mount design, with no additional radio-frequency shielding. In addition, it uses the company’s frequency-hopping technology and can be operated at a maximum power of 2 watts. It also offers 30 miles of clear, line-of-sight communications and 38.4 Kb/s data throughput, Lippincott said.

Operating over the Arcadian network, the radio lets users choose 700 MHz for frequency signal propagation, and uses the licensed spectrum to deliver a converged IP network with voice and data communications for fixed and mobile applications.

“It opens up applications and opportunities for the companies that want a licensed network and don’t want to use—or cannot use—other licensed options,” Lippincott said.

It currently is in beta testing and will be available to the public in four to six weeks, Lippincott said.