General Dynamics Itronix announced the GD8000 notebook computer developed for military personnel, field-service workers and first responders who operate in extreme temperatures, humidity, dust and rainy environments. The new notebook was tested for ruggedness to meet the demands of such a marketplace, which included sustaining 42-inch drops onto a hard surface, operating in the rain for more than four hours and successfully booting in freezing and scorching temperatures, said Tim Hill, product marketing manager.

The notebook operates in temperature from -22ºF to 140ºF and fully meets MIL-STD 810F ruggedness standards, including tests for watertight housing, Hill said. He explained that 30 gallons of water were blown at 40 mph for more than 4 hours while the unit was operating. The company also increased the drop test beyond what industry standards demand.

"In terms of drop specification, the industry standard is 26 drops from 36 inches," Hill said. "We increased our drop test a half-a-foot more to 42 inches. It's important that the height is higher because if it's on top of a police cruiser and falls off, that's higher than 36 inches. We need to make sure we can offer a unit that can handle multiple drops from higher surfaces."

Hill said the notebook is powered by Intel's Core2Duo processing architecture. It also includes a 13.3" display for outdoor/direct sunlight viewing; a battery life of 10 hours; and integrated GPS and wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi (WLAN), with high-powered WAN and Bluetooth connectivity optional, he said.

The notebook costs $3800.