LAS VEGAS — Network-management provider The Genesis Group announced the GW3-TRBO — performance and management tools for Motorola's popular MOTOTRBO solution — this week at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE).

"We've taken GenWatch 3, with its capabilities for SmartNet and P25, and we've retooled it for the MOTOTRBO market, so we bring a lot of the heritage of GenWatch 3 and a lot of its capabilities," Phil Burks, president and CEO of The Genesis Group, said during an interview with Urgent Communications.

In particular, GW3-TRBO will allow users not only to view the alias of the person talking at the moment but also the previous user — a tool that is helpful when an unfamiliar voice is heard in a talk group and quickly yields to another speaker, Burks said. With the purchase of an optional software module, the solution can identify potential rogue radios on a MOTOTRBO system and enable the operator to stun the unit remotely, if necessary.

"All we are doing for [MOTOTRBO] is compatible with what they currently have, what they are announcing and products they won't announce until later in 2009," Burk said, noting that his company also has developed a version of GenWatch3 that will work with Motorola's new ASTRO 25 Express, a single-site P25 solution.

In other news, the Genesis Group announced that it has developed a solution that enables a Motorola XTL radio to operate as an RF-modem that monitors traffic on a P25 system control channel, Burks said. The company also announced enhancements to its iVista solution for remote monitoring — it now operates securely over an Internet connection — and SkyView, which now supports the display of network-management information overlayed on Microsoft Virtual Earth and a zoom capability to enable more granular data mining in a given portion of the network, he said.