KANSAS CITY—BelAir Networks announced it deployed a wireless video surveillance network in the city of Temple, Ga., to support public-safety communications. The broadband wireless network supports streaming video and mobile voice in police cars operating at high speeds in addition to providing access to data in the field, said Stephen Rayment, the company’s co-founder and chief technology officer.

Systems integrator Integrated Protective Solutions installed the system. Rayment said the two companies worked with Temple officials, who wanted to combat an increase in interstate drug trafficking, prostitution, theft and vehicle accidents. The police department chose BelAir’s wireless mesh technology for the upgrade, which includes a video surveillance system—consisting of pan-tilt-zoom, IP-based CCTV cameras from Security Technology Systems—that will monitor the areas with the highest crime.

The city also installed 10 cameras in police vehicles that record data and store it for future reference. Officers in vehicles can stream video in real-time to headquarters or retrieve taped video at speeds of 120 frames a second with no latency, Rayment said.

Police officers in the field also can access the network from their vehicles at speeds of over 55 MPH. The broadband wireless network is comprised of BelAir200 quad-radio nodes and BelAir100T tri-radio nodes, which currently support Wi-Fi and will be able to upgrade to 4.9 GHz operation in future expansions, Rayment said.

In addition to video access, the network also supports VoIP between cars and in-field access to the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) database, which will save officers critical time when trying to pull up information at a crime scene or during a traffic stop, Rayment said.