INDIANAPOLIS — Harris Corp. showcased its SG5300 data-only radio, designed for use on 800 or 900 MHz OpenSky systems. The prototype radio offers wireless, IP-based communications to link remote, data-collection devices to the OpenSky system, which is based on the IS-732 protocol in order to support mobile applications with end-to-end TCP/IP and UDP/IP connectivity.

“The radio is a data modem that plays on the OpenSky radio platform that we built for public-safety folks as well as utilities,” said Tom Hoyne, the company’s director of utilities markets. “The data-only, low-powered modem is aimed at using the same network to talk to fixed devices on the electrical grid.”

The radio is used for managing and monitoring utility networks, communicating with electronic signs and for other Intelligent Transportation Systems applications, Hoyne said. Specifically, it uses short data transmissions to give smart-grid components — such as smart meters that use intelligent sensors to measure temperature and power usage — the ability to communicate without impacting the quality or reliability of voice communications, he said.

“There are a lot of scenarios where utilities need to get feedback from substations, line reclosers, capacitor banks and other devices on their electrical grid during storms and outages,” he said. “Utilities want to get such information back from those devices as well as activate devices without having to go out and physically touch them.”

The SG5300 has data rates of 19.2 kbps for 800 MHz and 9.6 kbps for 900 MHz. It is designed to be mounted either indoors or in a weatherproof enclosure. In addition, it features an interface to support legacy serial connections, as well as Ethernet-based IP communications devices, Hoyne said.

The radio is still being beta-tested and the final price on the device has not been set, Hoyne said.

Updated 5/28