Mobile biometrics solutions provider idSoftware and Motorola yesterday announced that idSoftware’s PrintSearch Remote software has been validated for use with Motorola’s MC75 enterprise digital assistant to conduct remote fingerprinting more accurately and efficiently.

Validated by a Motorola program that includes joint testing, PrintSearch Mobile is an “in-the-field” system that allows law-enforcement officers to identify, book and release arrested suspects remotely, which lets officers remain in the field. The complete system is integrated on the MC75 using a certified fingerprint scanner, a 2 megapixel auto-focus digital color camera, 2D barcode reader, and the support of wireless communications via cellular broadband, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Without such remote capability, the cumbersome nature of the jailing process means officers often opt not to book suspects of some misdemeanor violations — particularly if the officer is requested at another location, said Jim Strey, president of idSoftware.

“Currently, if you’re arrested for a misdemeanor, you’re taken to jail, and that’s typically a three- to five-hour process for each arrest,” Strey said, noting that the officer is taken off the street during the jailing process. “Now, you can do the misdemeanor remotely.”

As a result, the officer is able to spend more time in the field, and the jurisdiction is more likely to realize the revenue associated with misdemeanor fines, Strey said.

Stey said the idSoftware solution is the only one in the market that can use fingerprints from all 10 fingers to establish an identification match, meaning it is much less likely to improperly identify a suspect than systems that use only two fingerprints in the identification-matching process. In addition, idSoftware is the only mobile system that captures all 10 fingerprints, he said.

Accurate identification of suspects that may have dangerous is important to law enforcement, according to Sarasota County (Fla.) Sheriff Tom Knight.

“Positive identification is a critical requirement for the safety of our deputies,” Knight said in a prepared statement. “The sooner law enforcement knows who they are dealing with and what his/her criminal history might be, the more quickly they can make better, informed decisions. This community wants a progressive agency with the appropriate tools and latest technology available, and the men and women of this office deserve nothing less.”

Strey said idSoftware is glad to be working with Motorola’s MC75 platform. Previously, the company’s solution was used with two other manufacturers, but those systems did not function at the expected level because “the hardware just wasn’t reliable,” he said.

Available immediately, PrintSearch Remote is being demonstrated this week at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference in Denver.