LAS VEGAS — Motorola today announced at the International Wireless Communications Exposition (IWCE) that it will unveil two new fixed broadband offerings operating on 4.9 GHz spectrum allocated for licensed used by public-safety entities.

Agencies needing additional backhaul may want to consider the Point-to-Point (PTP) 49600 series, a wireless Ethernet bridge solution that supports data rates up to 150 MB/s and integrated T1/E1 ports. By providing a five-nines availability on licensed spectrum and optional FIPS-197-compliant AES encryption, the PTP 49600 offers an alternative to expensive lease lines needed to backhaul mission-critical LMR transmissions, said Tom Quirke, Motorola's senior director of product marketing.

"It has very low latency of 2 milliseconds," Quirke said during an interview with Urgent Communications. "It can be used as a T1 replacement."

For public-safety users seeking an access solution, Motorola offers the Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) 49400 series of access points and subscriber modules, which provides a maximum range of 15 miles and maximum data rates of 21 MB/s — ideal for video-surveillance systems, Quirke said. Using an integrated 90-degree antenna, the solution also delivers "exceptional" near-line-of-sight coverage in areas where obstructions have limited previous efforts to provide wireless broadband access, according to a company press release.