Motorola yesterday introduced the DS3500 series of rugged digital bar-code scanners that provide greater performance and reliability than the company’s DS3400 line, which will be discontinued in upcoming months.

With a 624 MHz microprocessor, the DS3500 series is designed to read one- and two-dimensional (2D) bar codes, direct part marks and item unique identification (IUID) support within milliseconds and features omni-directional scanning functionality that enables users to capture bar codes from any angle. The DS3508-DP corded and the DS3578-DP cordless meets U.S. Department of Defense tracking and identification mandates for suppliers and is ruggedized to withstand a six-foot drop and multiple drops of a meter or less.

By using patent-pending fast-pulse illumination and fast sensor shutter speed, the DS3500 series scanners are designed to improve accuracy and productivity.

“Part of the problem with imaging in the past has been poor motion tolerance. We’ve solved some of the motion-tolerance problems,” said Bob Grant, director of product marketing for Motorola’s advanced data capture division. “We feel that … we have probably one of the best handheld performing 2D array imagers.”

The corded DS3500 scanners are listed at $700, while the cordless DS3500 — featuring Bluetooth 1.2 technology that allows items to be scanned directly into a computing host — is listed at $1,100 with a charging cradle, Grant said.