Etherstack announced it received a contract extension from the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration to supply technology and engineering services to support further development of a software-defined radio (SDR) platform used by the country's military. The SDR platform is compatible with the software communications architecture (SCA) developed by U.S. Department of Defense's Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) program.

The eventual goal of the project is to let wireless protocol stack developers engineer air-interface-signaling software that can run on multiple radio manufacturers’ equipment. This would let single radio devices host multiple waveforms and then communicate across disparate radio platforms, such as GSM, TETRA and Project 25, according to Etherstack. Under a previous contract, Etherstack had adapted part of its TETRA Mobile Station protocol stack for use in the SDR platform, the company said. --Corrected on April 15, 2008