General Dynamics' C4 Systems’ new Pathfinder handheld radio maintains secure voice, data and video communications for first responders and military personnel working in areas where the local network infrastructure is destroyed, overloaded or nonexistent. The Pathfinder radio allows up to 32 radio users to communicate one-to-one or one-to-many as a single network, and individual networks also can link together for even greater coverage.

The Pathfinder radio also can track the position and location of radio users who are part of a Pathfinder-enabled network, and Pathfinder communications are protected from access by unauthorized users with embedded information security technology. Weighing less than 10 ounces, the Pathfinder has a standard land-mobile radio look and feel and operates up to 17 hours on a single battery charge.

Mesh networking is enabled by embedded technologies that allow Pathfinder radios to form their own network without the need for any “infrastructure” such as towers, base stations and access points. With Pathfinder radios, if a soldier or first responder can see someone else using a Pathfinder radio, they can talk to anyone else on the Pathfinder-enabled network.

Pathfinder network radios are available for immediate delivery and pricing starts at $1,650.