Setcom Liberator headsets now are able to wirelessly connect to Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones with the touch of a button.

The Liberator headset now becomes a "command center on your head," according to the company. Users can connect to up to three mobile radios, a portable radio, a cell phone, and apparatus intercom system, or an audio source plugged into System 900 or System 1300 intercom.

In addition to directly connecting the Liberator headset to a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, Setcom offers two other ways to connect to these types of devices:

  1. Full Intercom Connection: The RSM-900CPI allows all intercom users to hear the audio from a cell phone and radio-transmit positions to speak to the phone. Easily switch between radios and the phone or monitor them all simultaneously.
  2. Single Intercom Position Connection: The CPI-900SYS2 allows a user of any Setcom wired or wireless headset to hear and transmit to a Bluetooth device.
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