Thales this week at IWCE launched its new end-to-end integrated and distributed Long Term Evolution (LTE) solution for the U.S. public-safety market.

Thales’s LTE solution features corresponding push-to-talk smart phone that offers a fully distributed architecture. The complete offering consists of a comprehensive network management system using the LTE core broadband network, a push-to-talk smart phone device operating on the LTE network and applications that support first responders in the field.

The resilience of Thales’s LTE distributed architecture allows dispatchers to successfully communicate messages between several interconnected base stations, towers and first responders even if one of the base stations or towers is out of service. The unique, distributed architecture at the core of the Thales LTE network will also provide users with added security and flexibility by taking away the risk of a single point of failure in the system.

As part of its offering, Thales developed a push-to-talk smartphone for the public-safety market. The device allows micro and macro mobility in a distributed LTE network environment allowing for interoperability with a multitude of agencies on the same frequency. The handset provides a comprehensive voice, data and video recording and streaming package. These features permit users to quickly cascade critical information in real-time to their teams in the field and to report images and video that address situational awareness.