Tait Communications offers base station/repeaters with flexible, modular designs and continuous-duty cycle operation at a range of temperatures and altitudes. The TB9100 P25 base station has voting, IP-linking and simulcast functionality built in. The TB8100 is a highly flexible analog repeater that can be used as a simple conventional repeater or with advanced TaitNet Quasi-Sync simulcast and MPT 1327 trunked systems.

Pyramid Communications' SVR-P250 is a P25 Phase 1-compliant vehicular repeater that features AES/DES encryption, 20 channels, ESP multi-vehicle format, wide- or narrowband programmable per channel, and programmable analog or digital per channel with emergency signaling. The SVR-P250 can interface to analog or digital P25 mobiles and conventional or trunked radios and is capable of operating with SkyTerra mobile satellite phones.

Midian Electronics offers the RM-1 repeater maker, which can convert two portable or mobile radios into a simple repeater. Using two RM-1 modules, users can create a cross-band repeater. The RM-1 offers features such as Station ID, DTMF repeater access control and a programmable hang time.

Idylltek manufactures both conventional and LTR repeater panels ever offered. Users can make adjustments from the front with both models, which also offer LCD status displays. The RP-176 brings 112 DCS codes and 64 CTCSS tones, all of which can be enabled simultaneously. The LT8R has eight self-contained LTR controllers in a single unit. The 80-character LCD shows the activity on all channels at once.

Kenwood USA offers its TKR-7400P/TKR-8400P VHF-UHF P25 conventional repeater systems that use the TKR-740/840 transceiver and the new KSGCP401 P25 controller. The system provides P25 individual, group and system calls and features a site-management Ethernet port. The systems support as many as four conventional P25 channels, and the KSGCP401 features dual-mode operation for full-featured P25 digital communications and analog operation.